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How to shoot a FAKE Sunny Outdoor Portraits INSIDE your house

Bring Outdoors… Indoors? How to shoot a FAKE Sunny Outdoor Portraits INSIDE your house

How effective lighting can let you shoot “outside” all day long!

In this epic DIY lighting tutorial, Manny Ortiz shows you exactly how to create a bright sunny photoshoot anytime with the power of some creative lighting & framing techniques.

Ask any great photographer how important light is to their photography – And they’ll probably tell you it’s pretty much EVERYTHING.

Without light, all you’ve got is… Well… Dark 😉

& with bad light, it’s next to impossible to create a great photo. Just like cooking a cake with rotten eggs….

The point is that by using creative lighting techniques, you don’t HAVE to depend on natural light or a specific time of day to get the look you’re going for.

Part of the reason studios pay big rent for giant spaces is precisely because weather isn’t reliable or on our schedule. But by creating the right set and knowing your way around lighting, you can create any weather condition you want – Rain or shine, night or day!

What do you think? Will you be taking your outdoor shoots indoors? Share your thoughts in the comments below!