Install a previous version of any Creative Cloud application

Adobe Updates, Bugs, And Installing A Previous Version Of Any Creative Cloud Application.

Adobe Creative Cloud releases updates to its applications 3-4 times per year – many that are massively awesome. But sometimes (almost always) the latest Adobe Creative Cloud Update has some kind of bug. Once in a while the software bug in your fav adobe application can make it pretty much unusable.

Rather than wait for days, weeks or even months for adobe to fix the issues and bugs in the latest version of Lightroom, Premiere, Photoshop etc – We have a simple fix that lets you use your application while Adobe comes up with a bug fix:

Go back to an older version of your creative cloud application.

Photoshop won’t use the correct brushes? Go back to an old version of photoshop. Lightroom doesn’t properly organize your presets? Go back to an older version of lightroom. Just plain dislike some new feature in the latest adobe update? You got it. Go back to an older version of any creative cloud application, and let those bugs become distant memories.

How To Install A Previous Version Of Any Creative Cloud Application

This blog will teach you how to roll back to any creative cloud application you’ve installed on your mac or pc. Follow the steps below, or watch the tutorial video which shows how to roll back to a previous version of Premiere Pro from their latest v12.1 which introduced some big audio video bugs. The process is exactly the same with ANY creative cloud application.

Projects created using the updated version of your app will likely not open on the older version. Most of the time this shouldn’t be an issue – In all likelihood you haven’t done a ton of work before realizing there is a bug in the latest adobe update to photoshop, lightroom etc. But if you NEED to keep whatever work you’ve done, you’ll want to save your project as an older version BEFORE uninstalling and reverting your application. If you forget to do this don’t panic though. You won’t lose anything – You can always update your app and use the buggy version of photoshop, lightroom, premiere etc.

1) Close any Creative Cloud Programs you’ve got running.

2) Open Creative Cloud – You can do this by clicking the creative cloud icon on your computer if its already open, or by finding it in your applications.

open creative cloud app manager to install an older version of your cc app

3) Click on the “Apps” tab

4) Scroll to the creative cloud application you plan to downgrade. Click the little arrow dropdown

scroll down to the creative cloud app you want to reinstall - How To Install A Previous Version Of Any Creative Cloud Application

5) Click on “Other Versions”

using adobe creative cloud to load other versions of the app you want to downgrade - How To Install A Previous Version Of Any Creative Cloud Application

6) Select the last stable version of the application you were using.

If you’re not sure which one that was, its generally the one at the top of the list. Try that, and if you guessed wrong, worst case scenario you can repeat the process until you find a version that works properly.

How To Install A Previous Version Of Any Creative Cloud Application

7) Wait for the app to reinstall, then open as usual.

8) VOILA! You’re now using an older, wiser, more stable version of whatever Creative Cloud app was giving you trouble.

And Thats How You Install A Previous Version Of Any Creative Cloud Application!

From here on out you can continue on using this version as long as necessary until Adobe has cleaned up the bugs in their latest update. Generally a couple weeks is all it takes.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed a previous version of your Creative Cloud App. And in the future you know exactly what to do if your updated adobe cc app isn’t working.

Video Tutorial: How To Install A Previous Version Of Any Creative Cloud Application

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    Can’t be done now with current cc, is there anothr way?

    January 21, 2020 at 5:02 am Reply
    • Hi! I’m not sure if there is currently a way to do this with the new version of cc. If I find one I will update!

      February 17, 2020 at 9:46 pm Reply
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