Keyboard Shortcut Hack for Fast Video Editing!

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Video tutorial Edit videos fast with this keyboard shortcut hack!

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Edit videos faster with this Keyboard shortcut hack!

Use this keyboard trick for cutting down your video editing time 

Edit videos faster when you use this incredible keyboard hack.

Caleb Pike shares his number one game changing hack for video editing which makes your keyboard commands more efficient. 


Speed up your video editing & Edit videos faster with this keyboard hack!

This hack enables you to not have to use your right hand on the keyboard, by reprogramming the keyboard commands to be more efficient!

As long as you can figure out how to program your keyboard shortcut keys through your video editing software, you can use this trick.


Edit videos faster – Keyboard shortcut hack: Edit like a gamer! 

Computer games are generally designed so that all the commands you need on the keyboard are close to the left hand, while the right hand stays on the mouse. 

The WASD keys on the keyboard, in first-person shooter video games, are used for walking forward, back, and moving left to right.

All other commands needed are right near the WASD keys and thus the gamer has quick access to all needed keys.

Edit videos faster with this keyboard shortcut hack!


How to edit videos faster, like a gamer: Reprogram your keyboard commands

Editing software doesn’t take keyboard efficiency into consideration like video games do. 

Most of the time you need to use the mouse with your right hand and then use that same hand to hit keys. All the while the left hand is also keying.

You need to know your video editing software and how you can program keyboard commands and shortcuts.

Most editing software like Final Cut, allows you to program the keyboard and also save and export the settings, which is cool

Edit videos faster with this keyboard shortcut hack to edit like a gamer


Step 1 – Write down every command or key you use

Start editing, and as you do, note all of the commands and keys that you are using. 

Use this list to then note on the keyboard where keys are close together and which are further away from the left hand area. 

Those are the keys and commands which you want to move closer thus enabling the left hand to do most of the work.

You want to be strategic about where new commands will move to that were use by the right hand to be close to the WASD range.

Keyboard shortcuts are inefficient on most editing softwares


Step 2 – Layer commands

With your video editing software, you can program the keyboard shortcuts to use the shift key to add a second layer. When the shift key is held down, the keys do a different action than when shift is not pressed.

Make your editing super efficient by putting all of the commands close together, where the left hand will be. The goal is that the left hand can do all of the commands and the right hand never leaves the mouse. 

So make sure that your commands are in the one area by adding layers and extra commands over the same keyboard space.

Layering commands for keyboard hacks


Step 3 – Program your mouse

Your mouse can also be programmed with shortcuts, depending on the model. Using a gamer mouse will give you more options as far as customizations are concerned. 

Caleb Pike is using the Logitech g502, a popular gamers mouse. 

It works with the software from Logitech which allows you to program and customize a lot of settings for the mouse.

You can make a specific video editing profile just to use when editing, which will save you time.

Edit videos faster with this keyboard shortcut hack! Program the mouse


Who knew video games could help you edit more efficiently?

By taking advantage of the video gamers keyboard settings, you can cut your video editing time down a lot! 

Your video editing process and flow will be much more efficient.

Also a photographer? Improve your photography with this guide!

Which of the keyboard hack steps above will you use to edit videos faster?

Comment below!

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