Epic Lightroom Adjustment Brush Trick!

Epic Lightroom Adjustment Brush Trick

This trick will save you a TON of time with your adjustment layers in Lightroom

Every once in a while, we come across another trick in Lightroom we can’t believe we haven’t heard of sooner! This Lightroom adjustment brush trick is one of those times.

Ever wished you could adjust the intensity of your adjustment layer, WITHOUT the tedious job of changing each slider one at a time?

Turns out that dream is a reality. Did you know Lightroom Adjustment Layers have a hidden feature? Yep – All all this time, Lightroom adjustment layers have had a hidden intensity slider that allows you to easily and quickly adjust the intensity of any adjustment layer in lightroom. No more fiddling with multiple sliders on complicated adjustments. Just collapse your window, use the intensity slider and dial in your adjustment layer perfectly. The best part? This adjustment layer tutorial works for every kind of adjustment layer. Whether you’re using the adjustment brush, creating an adjustment layer with the radial filter, or using the graduated filter tool. The intensity slider trick works for all of em.

BAM – Just like that, you’re faster at using and understanding adjustment layers in lightroom! Might just be our fav Lightroom adjustment brush trick so far! (Well actually, this Lightroom trick is pretty awesome too!)

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