Lightroom Before & After Shortcut


LR Before & After Shortcut + Editing Trick!

In this quick Lightroom Tutorial you’ll learn how to use the different before and after tools inside Lightroom, plus a Lightroom feature you might never have heard of.

Learn one of the most essential shortcuts Lightroom has to offer: The before and after keyboard shortcut.


The before and after keyboard shortcut uses

While you can always just use the reset button, using the \ key in Lightroom to preview before and after saves time over the long run. Half a second saved multiplied by thousands of photos really starts to add up! The same goes for these other before and after tools – Sometimes having that quick reference photo makes it much easier to get the best possible edit.

What do you think, will you be using the before and after tools in Lightroom, or are you happy sticking with the reset button?

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