Lightroom Camera Profiles: Lightroom Quick Trick Tutorial

The Lightroom Camera Profiles

A totally under used Lightroom editing tool!

The camera profile browser inside of Lightroom, Lightroom CC and Lightroom CC Classic opens up a world of extra editing options – But did you even know it was there?

If you’re like me you might have seen the “Camera Profile” section of the develop module and skipped it over. After all, adobe knows what they’re doing right? Why not just leave it on Adobe Color and be done? It turns out that not all camera profiles are created equal, and using different profiles in your edits can be an easy way to improve your final images.

Up your editing game & learn how to access embedded camera raw profiles and make use of the profile browser in the develop module of Lightroom & Lightroom CC Classic.

Special Uses For Lightroom Camera Profiles

Camera Profiles actually have more to offer than just the basic camera colors! Its possible to actually create lightroom presets with custom camera profiles that can improve your photography & your editing workflow by giving you more flexibility when editing. For an example of custom camera profiles, check out our Clean & Classic Lightroom Presets: