Lightroom Presets Not Working? Here’s why

HELP! My Lightroom Presets Aren’t Working.

Do Your Lightroom Presets Look Like Crap? Here’s Why.

Wondering why your lightroom presets aren’t working? Did you think you bought the perfect Lightroom Presets, only to realize they don’t work on your photos?

If so, you’re not alone.

We’ve all been there. Here’s why your Lightroom Presets might not be working the way they’re supposed to, and the number one thing to do to improve your results with presets in Lightroom!

I’m so sick of buying presets that don’t work.

I’ve spent HUNDREDS of dollars on the next big preset pack, only to find that my images look nothing like the ones on the sales page.

Some of the preset packs out there are amazing.

But until I learned how to USE the tools, my results were less than stellar.

I thought the presets would do the work for me. I thought they’d take my okay-ish images, and make them AMAZING at the click of a button.

Sadly, life doesn’t work that way.

It wasn’t until I learned to master the basics behind great photos that I started getting the results I was after. It took time, practice and LOTS of trial and error.

Want to know a shortcut?

Learn from someone else. I wasted a lot of time learning by trial and error – When all that could have been saved by learning from someone who has already been through the process!

That might be watching tutorials on youtube, buying an online course, or finding someone near you to mentor you in person.

In fact, you’re already doing it right now, so props to you for being smarter than I was. Watch the video tutorial for a breakdown on how to get your photos to look the way you ACTUALLY expected them to when you bought your presets for Lightroom.