Lightroom Texture Tool Tutorial

Lightroom Texture Tool Tutorial

An essential guide to using the texture slider in Lightroom

Wondering what to use the texture slider for inside of Lightroom? Inside this video tutorial you’ll learn how and when to use the texture tool inside Adobe Lightroom

There are 3 great editing techniques you can achieve using the Lightroom Texture Tool:

  1. Recover out of focus details
  2. Portrait retouching / softening & unsharpening skin
  3. Enhancing the depth of field of your image / increasing subject isolation

Inside this Lightroom Texture Tool Tutorial you’ll learn some quick editing techniques and tricks that only the texture slider can do! Learn what the difference is between texture vs clarity vs sharpening and when to use them. Edit better photos, enhance details, recover out of focus images and touch up portraits all using the Lightroom Texture Tool inside this quick tutorial for Adobe Lightroom.

So there you have it – 3 ways to use the texture tool to enhance your photography edits inside of Lightroom

What do you think? Can you come up with any other uses for this super handy lightroom tool?

Now its your turn – Go out and edit!