Lightroom to Instagram – How To Post To Instagram From Lightroom

Lightroom To Instagram – How To Post To Instagram From INSIDE Lightroom!

My mind has been blown. My photo editing life forever changed.

Last week I discovered how to upload to Instagram directly from Lightroom!

Its crazy that all this time I’ve been transferring all my photos to my phone to upload to instagram for so long. Turns out there is a Lightroom plugin that lets you upload and post to instagram from lightroom.

That’s right. Post straight to Instagram from within Lightroom.

No need to leave lightroom, run a mobile browser emulator or dropbox myself the photos. No need to export and then upload. No need to spend my time on the tedious task of typing up my hashtags and photo description on a tiny phone keyboard. Lightroom to Instragram = game changer.

Just install and configure the lrinstagram plugin and BAM, you’re done. Watch the video tutorial for LRinstagram below. Drag your photos into where it says “Instagram” enter your Instagram caption and my hashtags in the photo description, and press upload.

In about 10 seconds my photos are uploaded to Instagram from Lightroom.

This saves a TON of time, and the plugin supports multiple accounts so I can switch easily between my personal and professional accounts for uploading. To download LRinstagram, head to lrinstagram.com – Watch our video tutorial below and learn how to post to instagram from lightroom today. It will change your life.

About LR/Instagram

LR/Instagram is an unofficial publish plugin for Lightroom, allowing you to post photos directly to your Instagram account.


Here’s How To Post To Instagram From Lightroom:


Simply install the plugin from the Lightroom Menu then click add new service in Lightroom Publishing Manager and authenticate with your Instagram account.

The amazing part of LR/Instagram is that it supports MULTIPLE instagram accounts! Sign in to all of your different personal and business accounts, then with drag applicable photos to whatever account you would like to post.

Selecting each photo you can enter your instagram caption + hastag, automatically include photo + edit settings if you prefer, and tweak to your hearts content. SO much faster posting directly to instagram from your computer. Even better that you don’t have to leave lightroom to post to instagram!