Lightroom White Balance – Editing Essentials!

Lightroom White Balance Techniques

An essential tutorial on effectively using white balance in Lightroom

In this Lightroom tutorial we’ll walk through White Balance and the crazy effect it can have on your photography editing inside Lightroom. Its no secret that white balance is an important part of your editing photos – But did you know that the way you set your white balance affects every other tool inside of Lightroom? Sometimes the most basic tips are actually the most important – Which is why we think the most important editing tool inside of lightrom is White Balance!

I know over the years and thousands of edits later, I’ve found 75% of the time the reason a preset doesn’t work most often is because of my White Balance settings. Hope this quick and simple Lightroom Editing tutorial was helpful!

What do you think is the most important editing tool in Lightroom? Leave your thoughts below!