Macbook Pro Thermal Paste Replacement: Overheating Fix?

The $10 Overheating Macbook Pro Fix / Upgrade: Thermal Paste Replacement For Faster Performance!

Wondering how to make your old macbook / macbook pro faster? Simply changing the thermal paste in your macbook pro might increase performance significantly. After reading reports of 2X faster macbooks and no more overheating / crazy fan noise, I decided to test out this macbook pro upgrade for myself.

Replacing the thermal paste on your macbook pro can potentially make your mac feel like brand new again. In this video we checked out the difference that replacing the thermal paste in your macbook pro can make when it comes to editing and exporting photos.

Screwdriver Tool – https://amzn.to/2y9CRT6

Thermal Paste – https://amzn.to/2Yel1sK

(I receive a small commission if you purchase these, but feel free to buy whatever tools & paste you like – These are just what I used)

Isopropyl Alcohol – Buy this at a grocery store or pharmacy anything with an alcohol content over about 70% is fine. At $0.70 its WAY cheaper than buying the special electronic stuff for $15+!

Compressed Air – Again buy at a hardware store and its WAY cheaper. The one I got was about $5 at home depot. Just make sure its compressed air only, and doesn’t have anything else in there.