How to MAKE MONEY and GROW Your Photography Business! 

How to MAKE MONEY and GROW Your Photography Business! 

What you NEED to know to make money and grow your photography business!

“Just expand your skillset! Offer more services! Pitch yourself more!”

You have probably heard these obvious business tips before. Sure, those activities will help you make money and expand your business.

But how do you make the most money with your photography?

There are other great ways to maximize the money you can make as a professional photographer. These tips are not as obvious as those common tips, but they will help you to optimise your business to boost that bottom line!



Follow these not-so-obvious tips to bring in more money with your business!

Tip #1 to grow your business – Schedule the money-making tasks at the beginning of your day as top priority

When you are planning out your week in terms of business activities, analyze what tasks actually make you money! For example, posting reels on Instagram or pitching to current clients which are easier sales than converting cold prospects. 

As the business grows, the effectiveness of your time management will become more important. Time is money, as they say! Don’t get stuck doing ‘busy’ tasks that don’t affect your bottom line or tasks that are simply procrastinating. 

Money Making tip #2 – Limit distractions and get focused!

Do you often find yourself distracted by scrolling social media or chatting to the people around you when you should really be working on your business tasks? While it’s easy to get distracted, try to get rid of anything around you that will take away from your business focused time.

Try removing your phone from the situation, put in your headphones, tell the people around you to not disturb you for a while. Get your focus on!

Grow your business tip #3 – Plan Time to Work On your Business 

If you aren’t already, take time to plan out your business tasks for the week ahead. An online planner or physical planner will make tasks for the week visible, which sets the expectation for the workload. 

Planning out your tasks will help you not feel overwhelmed so you can focus on your business goals. 

Keep your vision and big goals at the forefront! 

You might find that you get so busy working on client tasks that you don’t make time for activities to move your business forward and ultimately make you more money.

Make sure you always schedule in a chunk of time during your week to work specifically on your business and work towards those goals! 

Make more money tip #4 – Set up good systems and workflows

Raise your hand if you’re a creative person who struggles with the administrative side of your business (*you’re probably raising your hand*). 

You might be like most creatives who overlook the administrative side of your business activities. You just want to get out there and create! Unfortunately that means that your time and admin tasks are probably giving you a headache with the inefficient time they take. 

Saving time means you can spend more time on tasks that do bring in the money! 

Do some optimizing set up like creating email templates to save time responding to emails, or creating a fillable template for proposals, quotes and contracts. There are many project management and content workflow systems that you can use to get your projects and tasks more streamlined. Your bottom line will thank you later!

photography business workflow

Final Money Making tip #5 – Be aware of your mindset & take care of yourself

Give yourself space to be inspired, to think, and be motivated to grow your business! Your mindset matters, and in order to not burnout and feel miserable, you need to prioritize your health.

When you are healthy, your business will benefit and you will be able to be more productive, focus more, and be more inspired. Exercise, surround yourself with people you enjoy and pay attention to when you are most productive and when you need to rest.

Let’s make money!

These tips are less commonly thrown around when you ask how to make more money in business, but they will definitely add to your ability to prioritize tasks that affect your cash flow in a positive way. 

If you are able to limit distractions, prioritize the tasks that make money, get effective systems to save time, and take care of yourself you’ll see a difference in how much money you are making and watch your business grow!

Which one of these tips can you apply to grow your photoraphy business TODAY?