Make these 3 Easy Reels for your Photography Instagram!

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

Easy reels for your photography instagram video tutorial

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3 Instagram reels you should make as a photographer for Instagram

Easy content to make for Instagram to get exposure

You can easily make these 3 reels for your photography account on Instagram!

In this quick tutorial, Evan Ranft explains the three simple reel types that photographers should be adding to their Instagram content NOW!

Three easy instagram reels you should create as a photographer!

Why you should make Reels in general right now

The way you share your photography on Instagram has changed, and if you can adapt to this you can get ahead of the game!

As more and more businesses move away from using Instagram, there will be less competition on the platform. 

And no, reels don’t have to be doing a choreographed dance or lip syncing to a song. 

Reels can be an incredibly valuable way to tell stories with your content, and you won’t have to make a fool of yourself.

Here’s three reels you should make to take advantage of this trend!

Make these 3 easy reels for your photography instagram!

#1 easy reels for your photography Instagram: Share your photography with a trending sound

Simple as that; find an audio that is being used a lot, or that you like, and save that audio.

Go to create a reel and choose the audio. Then, add your photo or multiple photos over a few seconds each.

You can also add text on the photo if it makes sense with the audio. This is a great way to showcase your work while also getting in on the algorithm of the platform.

Some trending audios are voiceovers that say, “instagram wants us to create reels, but I’m a rebel so here’s a photo as a reel” or “I’m a photographer and I made this”.

Create reel for photography instagram with a trending sound


#2 easy reels for your photography Instagram: Use Templates!

Instagram has templates you can use from accounts like @reels.tutorials. Go to one of the reels that you like, and choose the use template link to create a reel with that template.

Add photos or video clips or a mixture of both, add text and audio as you like and viola! Awesome content for your page showcasing your work and your process!

A trending way to use the templates right now is to start with a behind the scenes video clip of a photoshoot. Then add multiple photos in sequence for 1-2 seconds to show off the final shots from that shoot.

Use instagram templates for reels for your photography instagram


#3 easy reels for your photography Instagram: The Storytelling Reel

Trying to consolidate your content into these short formats can be difficult to do.

But if you think about it as short storytelling, it can make it easier to create reels that you are happy with.

Show short clips of anything in your photography business, like behind the scenes or your creative process. 

Start with a raw photo with the text ‘how it started’ and then the final edit with the text ‘how it’s going’. Like a before and after reel for your work.

Also using short clips you can show the process of anything you do like setting up for a photoshoot, editing, whatever it is!

These clips and transitions are cool for your audience to see the behind the scenes or your process and the interesting before and after.

Easy reels for your photography instagram before and after


Reels anyone can make, and you should make for your photography business!

Instagram isn’t dead, it’s still a valuable tool. Artists should be able to adapt to the changes and continue to create and thrive on any platform!

Level up your instagram reels with these tips!

Want to improve your photography skills? Check out this comprehensive photography guide!


Which of these reels will you make for your photography business THIS WEEK?

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