12 Moody Photographers You Should Be Following

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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12 Moody Photographers You Should Be Following

These moody photographers are absolutely exceptional at what they do

Whether you’re trying to learn moody photography or you’re just looking fresh ideas & photo inspiration – If you love moody photography, you absolutely HAVE to check them out.

Moody Photography Inspiration

I’m a firm believer that finding inspiration from other photographers and learning to emulate their techniques and styles is one of the best ways you can improve your photography. Each of these moody photographers was selected not only because they are masters at their craft (which they are) but also because they have exceptionally strong branding & marketing.

While there are many talented moody photographers out there, I wanted to select only those who had a consistent brand and whose work is not overdone. Some of these photographers you may have heard of before – Most are lesser known.

It’s all in the details

When looking through these moody photographers, I’d encourage you to not just scroll through their feeds, but to take time to really sit and analyze each image. How did they use light to shape their subject? What kind of background did they select? What kinds of posing techniques are they using? What lens does it look like they selected for their shot?

Take notes and screenshot the photos that inspire you the most. You can learn an incredible amount this way – The key is to be very intentional and observe all the little details in the photo. You goal is to dissect every piece of the photo and see how it contributes to the entire image.

I’ve organized these photographers into 3 categories:

  1. Moody Landscape Photographers – Nature & travel
  2. Moody Portrait Photographers – Headshots, classic portraits, experimental
  3. Moody Wedding Photographers – Weddings & Engagements

Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Amazing Moody Photographers:

Moody Landscape Photographers

Arnar Kristjansson – Iceland Landscape Photographer

What I love: Arnar is an absolute master at working with perspective and unique angles in his home of Iceland. To be totally honest, I have no idea HOW he gets some of the shots he does (Like the one below) I’m assuming he’s using a drone of some sort, but until he spills the beans it might have to remain a mystery!

Dylan Furst AKA Fursty – Seattle based landscape photographer

What I love: Dylan is a color whiz.

When it comes to working with color, I don’t know many people on the planet who can do what he does – He’s a color scheme master (particularly with monochromatic color schemes) He also has done an amazing job at creating a totally unique brand and look that is absolutely consistent across his work.


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Posted up

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Remo from Livingitrural – German Landscape Photographer

What I love: Remo is a color genius.

Where Dylan Furst is a master at making his photos totally uniform, Remo is a master in the art of color subtlety. His photos don’t look desaturated, but they’re also so moody and subdued, all while retaining their richness and life. I can’t help but scratch my head when I try to figure out how he makes his edits so consistent yet so transparent.


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Still wondering if the animals of the forest enjoy fall as much as I do ?

A post shared by Remo | @germanroamers (@livingitrural) on

Moody Portrait Photographers

These portrait photographers are unreal at working with light, framing, posing & expressions to create truly surreal images. Two thumbs straight up.

Alessio Albi – Portrait Photographer Based In Italy

What I love: Alessio isn’t afraid to play with dramatic lighting and harsh shadows. The poses & settings for his photos are also very unique and out of the ordinary. For portrait photographers it can be easy to get stuck in a rut and do the same cliche things. Alessio breaks the mold consistently.



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A post shared by Alessio Albi (@alessioalbi) on

Photo Cinematica – Curated by Jack Native

What I love: Photo Cinematic is an AMAZING source of inspiration and place to find new photographers to follow. This feed curated by Jack Native dedicated to sharing photos with cinematic qualities. The photos are amazing examples of unique colors, posing, framing & composition. Tons of variety and inspiration.


Nirav Patel – San Diego Portrait Photographer

What I love: Nirav Patel does some unbelievably cool things with light + haze. My bet is he is using atmosphere aerosol to create some of these unbelievable hazy portraits. Whatever it is, I LOVE his creative use of light, and his framing is also extremely intentional and effective.



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Please Read! Today I’m trying something a little different.. I’m auctioning off a limited edition signed fine art print of this image (@mksadler)in 12”x18”, generously provided by my amazing lab @mymusea . @onabags is also adding an amazing gift to give the winner! All proceeds from the auction will go to providing relief for the Sri Lanka bombing victims via @slredcross. To place a bid, just comment with your amount below. The highest bid will be listed and updated in my profile so check there to see where we are at. Please don’t wait until the last minute to bid as we want to be able to raise as much as possible for the cause. Bidding will end at 10am PST tomorrow morning and I’ll announce the winner in my stories. Im also personally covering the shipping costs. Feel free to tag anyone you think might be interested. If you can share about this in your stories it would mean a great deal to me. If all goes well, I’ll be doing this more often for different causes each week. As always, thank you guys for your amazing support ??❤️ . #cityports #thinkverylittle #somewheremagazine #dreamermagazine #nowherediary #portrait #classicsmagazine #portbox

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Dmitry Ageev – Photographer, 2014 Hasselblad master

What I love: Dmitry has a more classical approach to fine art portraiture that is very beautiful. Because he shoots on a solid background, all the weight and emphasis of his portraits is on the subject. Take special note at his special editing techniques for the eyes in each portrait – They almost feel like they pop off the screen.


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Md: @vichizh #gfx #ageevphoto #model #photographer #photography #portrait #woman #redhair

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Sandra Lora – Photographer based in Frankfurt

What I love: Sandra does beautiful work with color – Particularly complementary color schemes. One thing I love about her feed is that she shoots and shares a series of images rather than simply one photo from a shoot. This enhances the overall story by showcasing a subject from several perspectives.

Isabella Bubola – Photographer / Freelance Model

What I love: Isabella is a master of posing & facial expression – Which if you’re looking to get into portraiture of any kind is an extremely important skill to develop!


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Another one of these because I adore this series! . Can you believe that we shot this on sand dunes in Germany? Yes, that beautiful soft light is there because it got reflected off the sand ? Pretty neat, huh? . Pic @daniellickert / Designer @elodie.carstensen . . . . . . . . .#portraitvisuals #portrait_mood #portraitvision_ #500px @pellicolamag @foto.dome #lookslikefilm #agameof10k #portrait_perfection #portrait_vision #modelsearch #portraitphotographer #modelface #londonmodel #ig_podiumportraits #ig_muse @ig_muse #londonmodels #somewheremagazine @somewheremagazine #portbox #fotodome #dreamermagazine #petitemodel #fashiondesign @knowthismind #portraitphotography #adobecreativecrowd #featurefriyay #theportraitpr0ject

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Moody Wedding Photographers

Last but not least, these moody wedding photographers manage to create incredibly artistic imagery with non-models over the course of a hectic wedding day. Anyone who has shot weddings in the past knows it can be crazy, so developing the skills to consistently pull off beautiful imagery regardless of the setting or situation is something I commend each of these photographers for!

The Leitzingers – Pronounced: light•zing•er

What I love: This husband and wife photography team make great use of geometry, symmetry and interesting lighting


Jonnie & Garrett – Husband & Wife Photo Team

What I love: Jonnie & Garrett work hard to make sure the backdrop for their photos is STUNNING. While this certainly gets a lot easier once you’re “low key famous” photographer, not every photographer is willing to get up before dawn and do a 10 mile hike to get the perfect shot for their clients.


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Adventure is calling.

A post shared by Jonnie + Garrett (@jonnieandgarrett) on

Kendall Laurken – Or is it Laurken Kendall?

What I love: Laurken does a lot of outside the box posing and tries things that are a lot more edgy than your typical wedding photography!


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My life is covered in dust from the wheat hills that surround me. I find solace in the dirt. May your art reflect your experience.

A post shared by Laurken (@laurkenkendall) on


That’s it for our collection of moody photographers you should be following. Hopefully this list of amazing photographers has given you some inspiration to go out with your camera and create some beautiful photos of your own.

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Now go create something awesome!


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