How to create multi page pdfs inside of photoshop cc - step by step guide to saving a pdf with multiple pages inside of photoshop

How To Create Multi Page PDFs In Photoshop CC

How To Make Multi Page PDFs In Photoshop CC

The Easy Way To Save Multi Page PDFs Using Photoshop

Today you’ll learn the easy way to create multi page pdfs in photoshop. Whether its for a multi page PDF presentation or for a guidebook pdf like in our multi page pdf tutorial video, creating pdfs in photoshop is easy and quick once you know how!

Creating A Multi Page PDF in Photoshop Step by Step Guide:

Creating multi page pdfs is actually very easy inside of photoshop. Here is how to make a multi page pdf using photoshop.

Here’s How To Make A Multi Page PDF In Photoshop in 4 steps:

Step 1) Merge Layers

Step 2) Save as JPGs

Step  3) Automate JPGs into PDF

Step 4) Select Compression Settings + Save your new multi page pdf!