lightroom adjustment brush editing tutorial example

Must know Lightroom adjustment brush shortcuts!

Must know Lightroom adjustment brush shortcuts!

Speed up your workflow and improve your edits with these adjustment brush tricks and keyboard shortcuts

You probably already know how incredible the Adjustment Brush is…
…But what if I told you you’re using it wrong?
The adjustment brush can do some INCREDIBLE things for your photos, but so many photographers are missing out.
Why? Because they never learn the keyboard shortcuts & hidden features!If you aren’t using these adjustment brush shortcuts, you’re probably taking 3X longer editing your photos than you need to.
So I put together an in depth tutorial for you, covering everything you need to know about the adjustment brush, once and for all.

Apply these tricks and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be twice as fast (and twice as effective) when you use adjustment brushes in Lightroom.

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Watch it now:

One of the most common mistakes I see for beginners using Lightroom is that they fail to learn the essential keyboard shortcuts and editing techniques.

Instead they spend 10X as long editing their photos as if they took an hour or two to learn how to use Lightroom effectively and memorized the most essential Lightroom keyboard shortcuts. Inside this Lightroom tutorial we’re going to cover every hidden feature of the adjustment brush and the most essential keyboard shortcuts to speed up your editing and give you better results inside Lightroom’s local adjustment effects.

Lightroom user? Here are the Lightroom Adjustment Brush techniques & shortcuts you need to know. Improve your editing, speed up your workflow, and better edit your photography using these essential Lightroom tricks tips and keyboard shortcuts using the adjustment brush and local adjustments.

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