Intergalactic – Nifty photo tricks for other-worldly photos

Intergalactic – Nifty photo tricks for other-worldly photos

Jordi Koalitic shares creative photography tricks to create other-worldly photos using simple lighting & props

Apparently, all you need to get into space is a television & a fishbowl

At least, to create this unbelievable shot at the beginning of Jordi’s tutorial: 5 Creative Light Photography Tricks To Take Your Photos To The Next Level

So often, we get caught up in thinking we need to travel to the other end of the world or work with a high budget brand in order to create truly jaw dropping photos.

What I love about this photo tutorial is it shows you what REALLY matters: Your willingness to think outside the box, exercise your creativity & rethink your approach based on the resources you’ve got to work with

It’s not your resources – It’s your resourcefulness that truly makes the difference.

And if YOU can’t go to outer space…. Why not bring outer space to you?

What do you think – Which of these shots seemed like the most interesting? What ideas does it spark for your next shoot?

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