Tutorial to grow as a photographer

NUMBER ONE Tip to grow as a photographer

The BEST Advice for growing as a photographer

#1 tip you need to do to grow in your photography

In this tutorial, Alex Kilbee of The Photographic eye shares their top tip for improving as a creative photographer. 

And it’s not better gear, better software, or even taking more photos!


What’s the number one tip to grow as a photographer?

Improve your photography with this simple tip.

#1 tip to grow as a photographer: Look at as many photographs as you can

Sounds too easy right?

But it’s imperative to your growth as a photographer to make sure that you are consuming as much photographic content as you can. 

It will benefit your photography in huge ways, if you have looked at and studied many other photos. 

Go beyond looking at photos online. Pick up photography books, album covers, music videos, anything that visually inspires you.

You will have so much more inspiration and many more ideas. The way you look through your camera lens will be influenced by the amount of content you have seen and taken in.

NUMBER ONE tip to grow as a photographer


Why? Your Photography will be inspired

The amount of photographs you have consumed will impact the actual photos that you take. Especially if you look at photos by many different photographers with different styles.

Your brain will have so many more sources of inspiration to draw from as you set the scene and click the shutter button on your camera.

The photo on the other end will be improved by you having studied and intentionally looked at many other photos.

Tip to grow as a photographer look at many photos


You will take photos differently

There will be perspectives, compositions, and elements from the photos you’ve seen that you will think about when taking photos.

If you have intentionally studied a lot of photos, you will have taken mental notes of things you like and things you don’t like about the images. 

Then, when you are out shooting, you will take pictures that have the elements you like and draw on the examples you have seen.

Tip to grow as a photographer look at many photos and you will take pictures differently


Your photos will be more unique

It’s difficult these days to not create something that looks repetitive and regurgitated. 

If your inspiration is drawn from all of the different photos you have studied, your photos will inevitably start to take on their own shape. 

As you develop your unique creative photography style, the inspiration sources you draw from will become clear.

But your own creative voice will come through from the wide pool of inspiration that you have.

Photography tip look at photos in all mediums


Be a constant student of photographs and your own work will improve!

You will grow a lot as a creative photographer as you study and consume photography. Commit to being a better photographer by taking the time to seek out visual inspiration.


How will you take the time to grow as a photographer THIS WEEK?

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