Rich Photographers VS Poor Photographers: This Is Why You’re Poor.

Rich Photographers VS Poor Photographers:

This Is Why You’re Poor – Photography business advice that will make you money.

Inside this video, Evan Ranft goes deep into lessons he has learned about Rich Photographers vs Poor Photographers – And what you can do about it to build a better business and make more money as a photographer.

The beauty of Evan’s advice is its timeless. Regardless of what kind of photos you take, what geographic area you’re in or who your target customer is, these same principals are going to apply to YOU where you’re at right now.

  1. Learn marketing. There are COUNTLESS artists we all know who died poor, broke and unappreciated. Why? Because while they were incredibly talented, talent alone isn’t enough. In order to make a LIVING doing what you love, people need to know you exist, and they need to WANT what it is you’re selling. This is the work of marketing: Reaching people and positioning YOUR WORK as valuable to the people you’re targetting.
  2. Add value. Why does a doctor make 10X more money than someone working at a fast food restaurant? Because the work the Doctor is doing is MUCH more valuable to the people they are helping. Poor artists are poor because people don’t see enough value in their work. Rich artists find a way to ADD VALUE to the people they serve.
  3. DON’T trade time for money. RICH creators & photographers find ways to scale their income BEYOND the number of hours they’re working. Whether that’s by hiring extra team members to take on more gigs, outsourcing your work, or creating an online business that lets you sell the same photos over and over, RICH photographers find a way to scale beyond the 9 to 5 and spend their time on building a BUSINESS instead of just taking photos.
  4. Build a BUSINESS, not an income. Rich photographers invest their money into their own business and growth that increase the scale of their income. Poor photographers spend everything they make, so they stay exactly where they are.
  5. Pay attention to the DATA. Rich creators track their income, their expenses & their performance. If you don’t pay attention, you don’t know if you’re headed in the right direction and you can start to drift without even realizing it. You can refine your performance and improve over time.

There are a TON of useful pieces of wisdom and insight inside this video that will save you a TON of time effort and money. Thanks Evan for sharing these awesome tips!

What’s your NUMBER ONE piece of photography business advice?

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