Photography Mind Hacks – 14 creative methods to improve your photography

Photography Mind Hacks

14 photography mind hacks and photography tricks that will engage the mind & instantly improve your photography.

Have you heard of neuroesthetics?

Me neither – Until this week.

Turns out, it’s the study of beauty and the brain.

What IS beauty? How does the brain decide whether something is beautiful or not? What makes a piece of art beautiful or meaningful?

The answers to these questions can help improve your photography in a radical way.

I’m literally blown away by how helpful these principles are for creating high-impact photography, and so I put them all together for you into this tutorial. I’m really excited about today’s photography tutorial

This is the closest thing to photography mind hacks you’ll ever come across.

14 Neuroesthetic Mind Hacks For Photography:

  • Movement
  • Faces
  • Landscapes & Spacial Activation
  • Symmetry + Indicators of health
  • Peak Shift (Exaggerate for emotional superstate)
  • Isolate to Amplify – Interpretive Challenge  – Perpetual Problem Solving – Analogy Metaphor
  • Reframing & Novelty – Edge Contrast / Object Separation
  • Cultural Bias
  • Reputation Bias
  • Personal Experience Bias