10 Easy Photoshoot Location Ideas!

10 Easy Photoshoot Location Ideas

How To Find Great Locations For Photoshoots

Ten of the best photoshoot locations for portraits, editorial, engagements & lifestyle shoots. Wondering where to take clients for photoshoots or looking for better photoshoot locations? These 10 easy photoshoot spots are my go-to’s for a quick shoot. Whether you’re in a small town or a big city you should have all ten of these photoshoot locations near you! There are a few keys to keep in mind when selecting a photoshoot location. 1) Look for locations without too many distractions – You want every element in your photo to work cohesively – So try to limit distracting elements that don’t gel with the whole. Big blank walls or monochrome settings are great locations because they don’t distract from the subject of your photo, especially as a portrait photo location idea. 2) When searching for a photoshoot location, look for great light. Great light is more important than a cool background, especially for portraits or photos of people. Planning your shoot for a time with the best light will make ANY location far better! 3) Get to know your lens. Viewing the world the way it will look through your lens is a skill to practice. To your eyes, everything is in focus… What might be an ugly / distracting background to your eyes might make for incredible bokeh with a 50mm at f1.8 – Learn to know how your camera can make the best out of each location, and every location you photograph at will be miles better! For the 10 photoshoot location ideas watch the video – If we missed one, let us know in the comments below!

Photoshoot Location Idea #1 – Textured Walls

Textured walls – No matter where in the world you live, you can find a wall you can take photos at. This is a go-to for portraits, as a boring old wall can be the perfect background that doesn’t draw attention from your subject. Plus walls bounce and reflect light, so your subject will likely get some backlight or wraparound light reflecting off the wall.

textured walls - a perfect outdoor portrait photoshoot location!

Photoshoot Location Idea #2 – Industrial Parks

Industrial Parks – Offer all sorts of interesting textures and backgrounds. They also are constantly changing which means you’ll never run out of new “sets” to shoot on.

Photoshoot Locations Idea #3 – Greenhouses

Greenhouse – You might not have access to your own private greenhouse location, but almost ever city has a local flower / plant provider who uses greenhouses to grow SOMETHING. Often these greenhouses are for the public to walk through and pick their plants – But if they’re not, you’d be amazed how many people will say yes when they’re asked! (especially if you offer to send them the photos afterword)

Photoshoot Location Ideas #4 – Graffiti

Graffiti – Every town has spots with graffiti – If you’re struggling, the local skateboard park is a sure bet.

Photoshoot Location Idea #5 – Anywhere with water!

Water. Pretty much ANYWHERE with water lends itself to great photos. Harbors and marinas have lots of color and textures. Beaches, cliffs, lakes and rivers are all visually striking spots for photos. Even a puddle can bring interest to your photos for reflections.

Photoshoot Locations Idea #6 – Rooftops

Rooftops. For some reason everybody likes being on the roof – Maybe because as a kid you were never allowed to go there?! Whatever the reason, rooftops make great spots for photo locations – While finding access might mean asking around, once you find a spot they’re most often quiet and private photo locations. They also give you a view from above. Now it doesn’t HAVE to be a rooftop either – A ledge can do just as well – Basically just get high (meaning vertical… not recreational)

Photoshoots Location Ideas #7 – Staircases

Staircases. Staircases are a great spot especially for portraits because they give you lots of natural leading lines and often have interesting angles and textures going on. Sitting, standing, walking up, walking down – There are a lot of different angles as well as action shots you can get on staircases.

Photoshoot Locations #8 – Parking Lots!

Parking Lots! Parking lots are epic because they combine multiple locations in one – In one parking lot you’ve got staircases, a rooftop, and an industrial setting with lots of depth / geometry. As a bonus, parking lots are the PERFECT spot during the afternoon sun, as they’re all shade and the lighting is great.

Photoshoot Location Idea #9 – Old / Broken Down

Pretty much any place old / broken down. There is something about old stuff that is just… cool. Hipsters have this one nailed. If you’re lucky enough to live in a town with some old buildings that’s a great bet for their cool vibes. If not, abandoned buildings, junkyards or even pawn shops can be unreal spots – Just dont be an idiot – be safe, and don’t do anything that is breaking the law where you’re at. Any of these location ideas are use at your own risk!

Photoshoot Location Ideas #10 – Nature

Nature. The great outdoors is always an awesome option for photography locations. Just head to the nearest empty field or local hiking spot and you’ve got a great spot. If you’re shooting in high sun, look for dark backgrounds and place the subject so they’re backlit (between the sun and your camera)