Photoshop Car Speed Effect Tutorial (EASY)

Photoshop Car Speed Effect Tutorial (EASY)

How to add car speed effect to your photos in Photoshop

When it comes to photographing products that MOVE, motion blur is one of the most compelling & dynamic ways to add energy & creativity to your photos.

The only problem? Getting motion blur IN CAMERA can be very tricky

Especially to get the amount of blur you need to make something seem like it’s going REALLY fast.

If you don’t have access to a camera crane and 5 person photo crew to get speed driving shots in camera, this tutorial from Mark McGee Photos shows you how to pull it off in Photoshop… No high speed chase required!

While I’m a HUGE fan of getting the shot you want IN CAMERA whenever possible, being able to create these kinds of blur effects gives you OPTIONS.

Whether you’re delivering photos to a client or simply growing your portfolio / taking photos for fun, having more tools in your toolbelt gives you the ability to choose what fits best for your situation, rather than being stuck or limited by what you can pull off on location.

What do you think? Is the PS version good enough, or do you need to shoot action IN CAMERA? 

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