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Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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Pinterest For Photographers

Top tips for marketing your photography on Pinterest

I remember when I first started using Pinterest for my photography. I had absolutely NO idea what successfully promoting a photography business on pinterest involved. My strategy was to throw a bunch of my photography onto Pinterest and just cross my fingers that people would see my photos and maybe a few would reach out to book me for their wedding, engagement or portrait photography.

Flash forward 6 years later, and I can’t help but chuckle a little bit at my previous pinterest marketing attempts.

Although I DID get some seo boosts from using pinterest, it wasn’t until I actually did some research (and made a LOT of mistakes along the way) that I managed to figure out how to effectively market my photography on Pinterest. In the process I’ve managed to grow a Pinterest account with over 7k followers, 40k website visits and up to 1 MILLION impressions per month. Needless to say I’ve made some progress!

pinterest for photographers marketing strategies and analytics insights

So I decided to sit down and make a quick tutorial sharing the key Pinterest Marketing tips I’ve picked up over the years.

Read on for my top Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Photographers.

Inside this video tutorial you’ll learn how to market your photography business, get insane amounts of website traffic and clients from around the world using these pinterest photography marketing strategies.

Pinterest is possibly the number one social media marketing strategy for photographers these days.

Inside this video I’ll show you how to create pins that get tons of repins, how to create a content strategy for pinterest that actually works, and how to use pinterest seo to ensure your pins have a chance of ranking and showing up on the pinterest discovery feed. Pinterest is a marketing genie in a bottle for photographers, and I’m excited to share some of what I’ve learned while using Pinterest for my business & marketing!

Hopefully these Pinterest Marketing Tips have given you some new strategies to test out yourself!

If you want to take your pinterest growth and marketing up a knotch, I’d highly recommend checking out our full Pinterest For Photographers workshop – Where you’ll learn how to generate insane amounts of traffic and repins for your photography and business marketing.

Pinterest For Photographers – Video Transcript

[powerkit_collapsible title=”VIDEO TRANSCRIPT”]
Hey guys, Ryan here at signature edits.
Inside this video, we are going to be
covering Pinterest, and most importantly
the top tips I’m going to give you to
really build your business and get your
work out there using this incredible
social media platform for photographers.
Are you ready? Let’s do it.
Alright, so we’re going to go through
here and grab some awesome content from Pinterest. I’m
going to show you how to create content
that gets views, get repins, gets links and
people visiting your website. But first,
let me show you a little bit of proof.
Just so you know that I’m not making
this stuff up. I’ve actually done it and
seen results. Overall every month my
Pinterest account gets about a million
impressions per month – that’s a total audience of
around 400,000 people. With engagements
that means people who actually click the
pins and visit my website, I have around
30,000 people. Now, these numbers are very
very low compared to what I was seeing a
few months ago when I was really
investing a lot of time in Pinterest so
that’s what’s really cool about this.
Once you create this content it keeps
working for you.
The difference between Pinterest and other social media platforms is if you post
something on Instagram we all know you
might get some likes that day and maybe a few more the
next day, But after that your content is
kind of dead right? You post a photo,
it does something once and then it kind
of disappears in the bottom of the feed
and gets lost in Instagrams algorithm.
Well with Pinterest when you
create a pin if it actually gets repinned
it’s going to basically be resurrected
to the top of the feed and it’ll have a
chance to be rediscovered by other
people and the more popular your pins
get over time the more they’ll be seen
over time so it’s not like you’re
creating this resource like an Instagram
post that you post just once and it’s
On Pinterest you can literally post one
photo and that photo will continue to
grow and work for you and your business
and your marketing for maybe even months
or a year sometimes depending on the pin
so the real question is how do we come
up with content that is going to get
repinned what is the difference between
Pinterest content that works in
Pinterest content that doesn’t and
overall my number one tip for you is
it’s all about the content and creating
content that serves your specific target
that’s everything when it comes to
Pinterest creating good quality content
that your audience is actually going to
be interested in not just random stuff
random photos that you think are cool
you need to do some research here to
really get results so the first thing
you want to do if you’re actually
thinking about creating content and
creating Pinterest that’s going to reach
people and get more visitors to your
website both for SEO and for getting
more clients we’re going to go up here
and we’re going to search for our
specific topic so let’s say that I was a
wedding photographer in Memphis I could
search here wedding photographer Memphis
or I could just search for wedding
photographer it really depends on how
kind of
nice you want to go with this but we’re
going to just put that in for starters
and just see what is kind of showing up
in our feet now my other tip next tip I
guess tip number two is that the pins
that have text are going to perform and
outperform pins that are photos only
they’re going to do this for a couple of
reasons the first is that people are
generally just more interested in that
kind of a thing so something like as we
scroll you just notice that your eyes
are probably naturally drawn to the
beautiful photos but also the ones that
have text you just can’t help but want
to read it right so that really really
matters that’s the first thing we want
to have text but secondly the reason we
want to have text is not just to grab
someone’s interest but to actually get
them to visit our website because the
thing is that Pinterest a lot of brides
if your wedding photographer or people
planning a photoshoot are going to use
Pinterest just to paint ideas so if this
were me and I was interested in this
photo I might hit save and I would save
it to a specific board and then I would
move on and I would never look at this
person’s website we don’t want that we
want people to actually visit our
website see our work work and hopefully
look us right so what we want to do is
incorporate text or some kind of a
reason for them to actually visit so for
instance some great ideas for this as
roundup posts so 35 great first look
locations 25 ways to get amazing candid
photos that kind of thing is going to
get a lot better results and give people
a reason to visit because they can only
see a little snippet a sneak preview in
our pin we don’t want to give away the
whole show we want to get them to click
through to our website to see the rest
right so the not has a quiz here what’s
your wedding style again there’s a
reason you actually need to click
through because if I want to take the
quiz I need to go to the not calm so
start by just searching for your keyword
which I’ve done here with Memphis
wedding but let’s just let’s say we were
really ambitious here and we wanted to
rank for wedding photography and get our
pins up here in the very top let’s look
for what they kind of have in common the
caption is going to be very very
important as well so look at these
roundup post we’ve got we’ve got 20
pre-wedding photo shoot ideas for the
the ultimate wedding day decor
inspiration 28 best awesome bride’s
photography ideas you can see that 90%
of these ones in the very top are all
roundup posts we’ve got top 10 tips for
brides on how to get great wedding
something so we have to click through
even to see what is inside of here in
great wedding photos so a butyl
yes we definitely need a beautiful image
we also want a beautiful caption and if
you can incorporate text this is a
little bit cheesy but apparently it’s
working because it’s showing up at the
very top here it might be a ad that
might be why that’s coming up but all
the same if we can get text on the image
all the better and if we can have a nice
caption that’s going to give us a reason
to click through all the better ok and
we obviously need a beautiful image and
the design the beauty as a photographer
is you don’t have to worry so much about
design because you can just post some
beautiful photos so let’s start by just
this is what I normally do all search
for the keywords that I want to rank for
we’ll do some research and we’ll just
grab some different captions so I’m
going to open up a note right here on my
computer make a new one and then I will
just start writing down some captions so
we’ve got top 10 tips for brides on how
to get and then we can just fill in our
own and the beauty is it doesn’t matter
if you’re a wedding photographer
you can still rework these to fit your
type of photography right so for
instance if I was a bland scape
photographer top 10 tips for and I don’t
know what you are what your target
audience is we have to think what would
they be interested in so if a landscape
photographer is trying to sell more
landscape photography well top 10 photo
locations or top 10 ways to display
artwork in your home
top 10 types of prints to order top 10
ways or here’s 20 amazing art displays
for your home 20 a mazing art displays
for your cabin whatever you could come
up with different variations that fit
your type of photography so we’ll keep
going here we’ve got 20 mountain photo
ideas and you can see that one of these
people probably just copied the other
right they said okay we’ll just take 20
top something and then you put it in
there it’s really that simple as far as
figuring out your caption so once you’ve
done that you’ve gone through you
figured that out well now we’re going to
actually need to create the post and
create the graphic itself so I normally
go through and I’ll also grab some kind
of designs that I like the look of so I
think that the knots is very effective I
don’t think this is necessarily the most
beautiful design but we have a very dark
font on a very light background it’s
really I can
and it’s in its own kind of space up
here so people are going to see that and
be much more likely to read it than
necessarily just this little the knot
wedding style quiz down here so I’m
going to screenshot that for later
reference but I keep going here and see
what else kind of just catches my eye
and pay attention to the type of images
that your eyes are naturally drawn to so
for example high contrast images show up
way better than a kind of wide lower
contrast image so this one really does
not pop as much as this image right here
so we’re going to want to kind of take
that into account when we’re actually
creating our design and choosing our
photo so I’m going to keep scrolling
here we’ll see if we find something else
here’s a great one you want your image
obviously to line up with the text so
we’ve got 18 getting ready photos so
obviously having that detail shot makes
a lot of sense the other nice part is
that this particular photo stands out
from every other photo of a couple
because it’s not of a couple so some
variety will also help your photo stand
out too so I know this probably seems
really straightforward but it really is
about applying common sense things
common sense is not necessarily common
practice so we want to go through we
want to be intentional and not just
start posting photos and hoping for the
best right so 18 stylish groom attires
for bohemian wedding I really like this
one and again we’ve just got a standard
photo nice photo great caption that’s
what we’re going for so let’s scroll a
little bit more so here’s another
example with text so my eye is naturally
drawn to this even though I think it’s
really ugly uh-huh that’s just me you
might think this is awesome I personally
do not but I know that because I think
this is not very nice other people are
likely to agree with me and there’s
people out there for every taste right
so my people might not click on this but
I could definitely take this same kind
of idea take this exact same design and
just rework it so that it has a better
typography and a few better styled
images and bam I’ve got myself a
beautiful post now another thing to note
is that long posts inside of Instagram
long images obviously get more real
estate so the larger the image the more
likely you’ll get a click because it’s
just going to take out more of the
screen so you want to go for a larger
image I would definitely screenshot just
for that to get the right dimensions so
that you can maximize your size on
Pinterest so for example we’ll grab this
one not because it’s an inspiring post
but we’ve got a few examples all right
once that is finished we’re gonna head
over into Photoshop
let me show you how to create some
actual content here so the first thing
I’m going to do is I’m going to go up to
my notes pad that I’ve got my content
ideas from so top 10 tips for brides on
how to get 20 wedding photo wise idea
shoots 20 montón wedding photo ideas so
let’s go with one that say 25 amazing
fall decor ideas and we’ll add fall
wedding because we want to rank for that
keyword so it’s good to have the keyword
in there for what you want to rank for
which is wedding and then we’re going to
open up one of these screenshots that I
just took now if if you want you can go
ahead and actually look up Pinterest
exact dimensions that they recommend I
find this is just as well because
Pinterest will automatically resize it
for me as long as I’ve got the aspect
ratio down okay so I’ve got my little
system right here and obviously I don’t
have any fall wedding decor ideas
kicking around so I could try and track
some down on splash is a great spot to
get free imagery and if you don’t have
Photoshop don’t worry you can either use
what’s that one called photo pia comm is
a free online version of photoshop where
you can download and design your own
kind of photoshop designs or you can
even use something like canva which has
awesome templates pre-made for pinterest
which is really really great and cool so
you can apply these same things for free
on canva or for free on foto pia
whatever you prefer this is just how i
like to do it because it’s easier for me
I already know how to use Photoshop and
I have it on my computer okay so as I
was saying we’re going to try and grab
some images here
and then I’m just going to look for fall
the beauty of unsplash is that you
actually can download and use these
photos for free so if this might work
obviously I’d rather it be a wedding
image if I can get some but these might
work as well this is really great
because we’ve got a very black
background so although it’s not super
like wedding vibes if we put text on top
it’s going to show up really really well
and I’m just going to go through and I’m
going to try and grab a bunch of
different images and this is where most
photographers and most people on
Pinterest really are missing
out in a huge way and here’s why because
most photographers most people on
Pinterest are going to create one pin
with one image one text headline they’re
going to post it and hope for the best
and that’s it why why would you do that
when you could make several test them
all see which one performs the best and
then actually be scientific about it and
make more photos like the one that
worked right rather than just hope it
hoping once you know you you take one
shot in the dark and you hope to hit
something well you might you might not
so why not download a bunch of different
photos grab a bunch of your different
wedding shots and make a bunch of
different pins also because if you post
twenty pins on Pinterest you’re going to
get way more viewership than you are if
you only were to post one or two okay
let’s grab my photos that I’ve
downloaded here I’m gonna grab those
drag them into pin into Pinterest into
Photoshop and we will just import them
all okay we’ve got all of them we’re
gonna start with the one I like the most
which this is okay let’s start with this
one so I’m going to resize I just hit
command T on my keyboard and I’m
clicking dragging resize like that that
should be okay and I’m going to put an
overlay on here so I hit you and I’ve
got my rectangle set to black perfect
we’re gonna set that to multiply turn
the opacity down I’m trying to go very
fast because for those of you not using
Photoshop this isn’t super super helpful
you can just make your own pin on canva
or whatever it is so what do we want we
were 20 amazing fall wedding decor ideas
perfect okay so let’s get out of the
crop also Photoshop
I just want to gripe for two seconds why
is it that when you crop it takes so
long to do something so simple you’re
just cropping it shouldn’t take like mad
processing power
let’s see and then I’m going to put my
let’s just call it Jane Austen
photography okay let’s resize that text
so that it’s smaller so hopefully you
can see it’s pretty straightforward I’m
not putting a ton of work and effort
into it I’m just trying to get it more
or less something that I like for now
and then we can tweak things from there
I’m gonna set that to regular maybe or
even light okay something like this put
that maybe in the middle and our
rectangle can be slightly darker and
then one thing I like to do in Photoshop
because remember we said that the high
contrast image showed up better I’m
going to just add some contrast to my
image something like that okay
this is not my idea of the perfect
design I would spend more time on it
maybe make it more beautiful but what
we’re going to do is now that we’ve got
our text kind of nice the way we want it
ish maybe make that a little bit more
spread out fill up the entire canvas
okay now I can just take these images
that I’ve got we’re going to save our
first pin perfect I can resize it maybe
to make it slightly bigger or I can
leave it like this for now remember as
long as you’re taking a screenshot and
it’s reasonably large enough it’s going
to be fine Pinterest will just resize it
for us so we’re going to call it 20 fall
wedding decor ideas and then I’m going
to make a new folder wedding decor post
okay great now I’m going to just save
variation so I’ve got that first one I’m
gonna take this resize it bada-bing
bada-boom you can see how quick this is
you really don’t need to do a new design
you just take your images and we’re
going to do one after the other after
the other
this one we’re going to add some
contrast once again that’s maybe too
much something like that maybe darken it
let’s just play around here okay that’s
good for me save
next image and I’m gonna go through here
and you can see it’s really pretty
straightforward we’re just going to make
a bunch of different posts while
different images for the exact same post
we don’t have to write a bunch of post
we don’t have to make a ton of different
blog articles to start ranking on
Pinterest all we have to do is just make
a whole bunch of these pins it’s way
more efficient than trying to do one pin
for one post and just hoping for the
best and making another post and hoping
for the best right so what we can do is
once we’ve made all of these I’ll
normally aim for you know anywhere from
four to ten per post after I’ve gone
through I’ve created all of them I’ll
obviously make my post and make sure
it’s an awesome post I’m going to get
lots of awesome fall wedding decor ideas
just try and make the most helpful post
out right we want to actually make
content that helps people and I’m going
to link that on my website so I’ll
create that post I’d set the link and
then I would upload my pins so let’s
just show you how I would do that so
we’re gonna grab this go to my no not
full wedding we’re looking for wedding
decor post grab that first one and then
here’s here’s the important part okay so
the twenty the title is what’s going to
show up underneath our pin so I need to
make sure that’s really great 20 amazing
fall wedding decor ideas and then I’m
going to elaborate a little bit looking
for design and decor ideas in
inspiration for your fall themed wedding
we put together 20 amazing and inspiring
fall themed wedding decor ideas okay so
here’s what I’m doing that’s very
important here the first is that the
headline is going to really really drive
traffic it’s going to draw people in and
they’re going to decide whether or not
to click on this pin according to the
headline so make sure that it’s a good
one also we need to have our actual
keyword that we want to rank for in this
headline as well as in the description
so for this particular pin I want to
rank for fall wedding ideas or fall
wedding so I’ve got that in there and I
again repeating it in the description
we’ve got design we’ve got decor ideas
we’ve got inspiration we’ve got fall
themed wedding and then I repeated it
again fall themed wedding we’ve got
decor ideas and inspiring fall themed
wedding so all of these different
keywords I can potentially rank for now
I’m going to create a board whatever
board it might be it might be for
wedding inspiration
well create one called wedding planning
inspiration we’re going to create sure
and then I’m going to put the link to my
flow post right and then we will publish
now I’m going to keep doing this with my
other posts in my other variations so
we’ll wait for this to go ahead actually
we don’t need to wait for it I don’t
actually need this pin that’s fine okay
we’ll see our pin and I’m just going to
delete it right now because obviously
this does not have an actual link to it
so we’ll edit and delete the next thing
that I would do normally what I’ll have
happen is I’ll take this pin I’ll have
it just like this and then I’m going to
open up a new Pinterest window not my
expenses but a new Pinterest window I’m
going to upload a new pin grab our next
one in the sequence here BAM and then
I’m going to go over to this window
we’re just going to copy over our title
copy over our description copy over our
link this is going to save you a lot of
time trust me you want to have two
different windows open and then after
I’ve gone through and I’ve added all of
these pins so six to eight different
pins with the same descriptions same
title same link then I might actually go
through and do them all again with a
different description different title
and the same link so you’re able to then
see which ones will perform better so a
week from now I can actually look back
and I can go to my analytics and if you
don’t have analytics right now it’s
probably because you’re using a personal
profile on Pinterest you can update it
to a business one for free it’s really
easy and simple and then I’ll be able to
actually look at my pins and I can sort
them actually it’s going to show up my
most recent ones anyways but I can look
at my pins see how many impressions
they’re getting how many click throughs
they’re getting and figure out which
ones actually performing better then I
can go ahead and kind of cater my
results cater my
Turpin’s around what’s actually working
rather than just guessing rather than
just taking a shot in the dark so these
kind of posts are going to get you way
way better results than just posting
your photos and hoping for the best
because as we said if you just post a
photo people might pin it but they won’t
necessarily visit your website at all so
it really doesn’t do much for you unless
it happens to be so amazing that they
click through and they’re like I need
this photographer and they hire you that
could happen – I think you should
definitely use Pinterest for posting
portfolio work but if you really want to
capitalize you really want to
exponentially grow your results this is
the kind of method you want to go for
creating content that is actually
helpful that gets your future clients to
actually go through your website
interact with your work and you help
them out right the thing that you do
while you’re creating these kind of
articles and people are clicking through
your website is create trust with your
clients and you create that reciprocity
because people are like oh man that was
so helpful they see your wedding wedding
work they see all the stuff you’ve done
they appreciate you that’s the kind of
client who is primed to actually book
right so that’s going to achieve some
more things for you as well this is how
you start to rank is by having those
keywords creating really nice pins that
have a nice length to them we want to
kind of capitalize on the text the high
contrast images using what already works
we don’t want to build our pins and our
strategy around just randomness and
guessing and hoping for the best or even
what we like we want to build it around
what our client likes what our client is
interested in and then we actually want
to see what is already working on
Pinterest and take that and just do it
even better right okay so those are my
top tips when it comes to using
Pinterest to really harness this social
media platform for your photography
business if you want to continue
building your business you want to dive
deep into these kind of strategies make
sure to check out my Pinterest marketing
mastery course I’ll leave a link below
with a 25 percent off coupon code if
you’re interested in that kind of thing
also if this video was helpful for you
make sure to do me a big favor hit that
like button for me subscribe for future
content tutorials and just free stuff
and leave a comment below sharing your
favorite Pinterest marketing strategy
your top tip and I will choose one of
those comments to receive a free version
a free copy of Pinterest marketing
mastery alright so leave a comment
because you just might win this course
for free alright I will see you in the
next video peace

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