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Pinterest For Photographers – A Marketing Guide

Pinterest For Photographers

Top tips for marketing your photography on Pinterest

I remember when I first started using Pinterest for my photography. I had absolutely NO idea what successfully promoting a photography business on pinterest involved. My strategy was to throw a bunch of my photography onto Pinterest and just cross my fingers that people would see my photos and maybe a few would reach out to book me for their wedding, engagement or portrait photography.

Flash forward 6 years later, and I can’t help but chuckle a little bit at my previous pinterest marketing attempts.

Although I DID get some seo boosts from using pinterest, it wasn’t until I actually did some research (and made a LOT of mistakes along the way) that I managed to figure out how to effectively market my photography on Pinterest. In the process I’ve managed to grow a Pinterest account with over 7k followers, 40k website visits and up to 1 MILLION impressions per month. Needless to say I’ve made some progress!

So I decided to sit down and make a quick tutorial sharing the key Pinterest Marketing tips I’ve picked up over the years.

Read on for my top Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Photographers.

Inside this video tutorial you’ll learn how to market your photography business, get insane amounts of website traffic and clients from around the world using these pinterest photography marketing strategies.

Pinterest is possibly the number one social media marketing strategy for photographers these days.

Inside this video I’ll show you how to create pins that get tons of repins, how to create a content strategy for pinterest that actually works, and how to use pinterest seo to ensure your pins have a chance of ranking and showing up on the pinterest discovery feed. Pinterest is a marketing genie in a bottle for photographers, and I’m excited to share some of what I’ve learned while using Pinterest for my business & marketing!

Hopefully these Pinterest Marketing Tips have given you some new strategies to test out yourself!

If you want to take your pinterest growth and marketing up a knotch, I’d highly recommend checking out our full Pinterest For Photographers workshop – Where you’ll learn how to generate insane amounts of traffic and repins for your photography and business marketing.

Pinterest For Photographers – Video Transcript