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Learn how to set up pixieset and share your online galleries and photoshoots with clients

In this video tutorial for Pixieset I show you how to set up online photo galleries and deliver photoshoots to your clients using pixieset. We’ll run through how to use pixieset, how I lay out my online galleries, and the different settings in pixieset you can use to fit your business.

Why I love Pixieset

There are many, MANY things I love about Pixieset, and it is absolutely packed full of useful features for professional photographers looking to improve their marketing, sales and client experience. But perhaps what I love most about using pixieset is that its so EASY. You hardly need a pixieset tutorial at all once you spend a few minutes getting a brief overview of how things work and where things are located. Everything is intuitive and simple to figure out.

The beauty of pixieset is you can customize it perfectly for your needs. Whether you’re a wedding photographer, engagement photographer, family photographer, boudoir, senior or all the above.

Try Pixieset free:

Sign up with this link + receive 250mb bonus storage! https://pixieset.com/ref/Loy0qwmweg

*disclaimer: I use and love pixieset, and have not been paid to promote their services. That said, if you choose to purchase through the link above, I will receive a very small commission (free storage space if you sign up for a free account, or a $10 referral bonus if you happen to upgrade to paid)

Feel free to research and choose whatever service you think has the best value for you! Good luck 🙂

[powerkit_collapsible title=”PIXIESET TUTORIAL VIDEO TRANSCRIPT”]
hey guys Ryan here at signature edits
and inside of this video tutorial we are
going to talk about setting up pixie set
how I use this service what it does all
of the different features and how I take
advantage of them when I’m sending my
clients online photo galleries all right
so let’s get into it
okay so pixie set is an online photo
gallery service that allows you to send
your clients these beautiful photo
galleries of their session they
basically have their own personal photo
gallery website that they can reference
and share and download all of their
photos they can do proofs they can have
an online app all of these different
features inside of it so as you can see
when the client actually received their
images they have this beautiful big
screen they scroll down and they have
their gallery they even have an app that
you can send to your clients they can
download their own personalized app on
their phone and easily share those
photos with others with friends with
family and online basically pixie set
has a lot of really amazing things so
I’m going to show you how I set it up
and we’ll get cracking so I’ve already
logged in I’m going to hit open
dashboard and inside my dashboard I have
all of my client galleries this is one
that I was just practicing with before
this video so we’ll delete that and you
can see that they’re organized into two
different collections right now all and
weddings if you do a whole bunch of
different kinds of shoots you could have
engagements you could have family photos
you could have newborn that way you can
sort your galleries easily you can see
that I have all of my galleries from all
of the sessions I’ve done over the last
couple of years I’ve been doing using
pixie set for a couple of years now and
I absolutely love it because of all of
the features that it provides in the
experience it has and how easy it is to
use so let me show you exactly how I use
it so let’s say that I finished a
session and I want to upload it to pixie
set well the easiest way to do that is
to come into here hit a new collection
and it’s really straightforward so we’ll
go with Jane and Austen that can be
their pretend names and we just did
their session yesterday and we can
choose from our default settings so I’ve
set one up with weddings ahead of time
pixie set also has a default setting so
if I do weddings let’s say you can see
that I already have these folders
pre-made for all the different parts of
the day we’ve got reception bride PAP
bride prep groom prep ceremony group
photos and then we can add our photos to
this gallery and it’s really as simple
as finding the photos drag them in here
these are engagement photos but it
doesn’t matter and you can see that
they’ve started to upload now obviously
it’s going to take a little bit of time
here because we have quite large files
so to save you watching all of this
let’s jump over to the finish gallery
that has already been uploaded ahead of
time this one right here okay now chase
and Caitlin had an engagement shoot and
upload that uploaded the photos exactly
the way that I showed you and this is
what you get once you have that done now
there’s a couple things we also need to
do vixie set has a beautiful cover at
the top of the gallery when we send it
to our clients so this is what the
gallery will look like we need to assign
whatever image there is at the top we
can do that just by going down finding
an image we like so let’s say that we
liked this one right here we go two more
and then make cover and you can see it’s
being updated here and if we refresh
this page now we have that photo at the
cover now inside this gallery we can
also set up a couple of other things
have we hit this little Settings menu we
can go design and we can change the
layout of that large image if we don’t
really want that text at the top or we
just don’t like the font we can change
it to a few different options that
they’ve created for us so there’s a
seraph option sans-serif you can have
your grid style be vertical or
horizontal depending on which you shoot
more of so I’m going to switch it to
horizontal actually because I’m mostly
shoot in landscape mode we can set it to
a dark or a light mode even adjust the
size of the thumbnails the thumbnails
and our grid spacing all of these
different things which is really really
cool and if we want to we can also
change the cover option just by
selecting from these different templates
that they have for us here so you can
grab one that fits you fits your style
best and life is beautiful
so once the client actually receives
their gallery the other cool thing is
that in our settings we can turn this
off if you like but pixie set will even
walk the client through how to use it so
they’ll say here’s how you download
here’s how you favorite here’s how you
Add to Cart
which is really quite amazing and just
adds that extra experience to our client
let’s say that you didn’t want to do
this every single time with every single
session well awesome for pixie set they
defaults that you can actually set and
if we scroll down in our settings menu
we can find them here collection
defaults we’re going to create a new
default we’re going to call it
Ryan’s default perfect you can create
this for any kind of session so you can
have separate ones for your engagement
story for your family shoots your
boudoir or whatever it is and then we’re
going to add a category tag so let’s say
that this was for families and that will
be added every time we select this
template in the future and then we can
have all of our settings just pre laid
out so we can go to the design and let’s
say that with family sessions I want the
template to look like this at the top we
can even do a cover video now serif
let’s do horizontal grid dark mode large
thumbnails right so you go through and
we can set all of those different things
we can decide if we want to show or hide
it on the home page how our download
settings are going to go if we want them
to be able to download or just to
preview the photos if we want to allow
them to download a single photo with
photos with galleries made with this
template you understand and then you can
turn on and off download pins which is
really quite awesome
we’re going to save that default then
when we go into our client gallery
create a new collection we can select
from Ryan’s default set this up and it
will pre make it with all of those same
design changes any photo sets and
folders that you’ve organized all of the
different settings will be saved and
save you so much time every time you
create the gallery it’s going to be
consistent all of your settings are set
up and life is breezy pretty easy pretty
great hey and we can organize our photos
into different sections so if we jump
back here to our galleries and I look at
a gallery that actually has an entire
wedding you can see I’ve organized
things into bride prep groom prep
ceremony and when we view this and the
client receives it just like this they
have their photo up here and then
everything is organized they can easily
cycle between different parts of the day
or they can just scroll and then hit
this view more button and it will
automatically take them to the next
section so it’s really as easy as that
when the client is inside of pixie set
what I love is they can favorite their
images so I tell them ahead of time if
they’re ordering an album
go ahead create a favorites list they’ll
enter their email and sign up and then
after that they can send me the
favorites list and I can download that
to use for the album so I say go ahead
favorite a hundred different photos and
I’ll use those to start with your album
design and then there’s no
back-and-forth about having to meet up
and say yeah we want these photos and
blah blah blah
no they just create a favorites list I
download that favorites list and then I
start designing so that’s really really
cool you’ll also see this Add to Cart
option here and I will show you how I
configured that basically pixie set now
supports actually ordering prints online
which is super amazing to do that we’re
just going to go back here hit this
store function
and then launch our store in four easy
steps I don’t need to walk you through
everything here because it’s super super
easy but I’ll just give you a quick
preview basically they have a price
sheet for different prints from
different companies and then you can go
ahead and you can edit it set it up
however you like so I really love this
it was super simple I basically left
this as is and just went through my
different settings so I set my tax
because I’m in Canada I need to charge
five percent PST GST rather and then
shipping etc etc etc so you can do all
of that you can even have coupons so for
example I created one for free shipping
over orders of a hundred and fifty
dollars because I would like to
incentivize them to spend more to save
on that shipping and the beautiful thing
is your clients can even have people
purchase them gift cards to get prints
it’s really really great a lot of
functionality in there that honestly I
haven’t even tapped into the start of it
but I just have this up here there’s a
nice banner and that way people are very
aware okay I can buy stuff blah blah
blah and you’ll see that I’ve got all of
my pricing up here they can go ahead and
order whatever they like and the pixie
set has built that all in so they can
even see what the print looks like
they’ve got a preview I mean how amazing
is that and I didn’t need to code this I
didn’t need to set it up it was pretty
much is there I just put in the prices
based on what they already suggested and
it was done so now you can see the card
option we’ve got our favorites they can
even download the photos and that’s
another really great feature about pixie
set I’m going to show you my specific
settings here in a second but the reason
I’m talking about the feature so much is
because the features are what make this
platform amazing and probably what you
might not know about the actual setup is
pretty simple it’s really set up the
gallery put in the client name organize
those photos and then send it off and
I’ll show you that in a second but when
the client downloads these photos so
let’s say I was going to download these
at misc calm because that’s my pretend
email I would sign in I would download
the photo and I would select what
resolution I want so Pinterest Pinterest
Pixies that will actually let me decide
which resolution I want whether I want
to download this photo for print or for
web or for Facebook it will give me a
bunch of different options which is
because previously when I used to send
photos to clients I had to go through
and export separate photos for print
separate photos for Facebook because
obviously they’re not going to upload
these gigantic file sizes to Facebook
they’ll look like crap when Facebook
compresses them and it’ll
take forever so now pixie set has
removed that step for me all I have to
do is just upload the high-resolution
photos and pixie set creates all of the
smaller ones for me which is amazing
saves me a ton of time now one other
thing that it’s really really cool and
really important is that in addition to
them creating those photos for me
they’ve also made it sublimely easy for
me to actually upload my photos so if I
go over here over to pixie set to my
settings I can actually go down here we
can insert Google Analytics so we can
actually see who’s looking at our photos
we can adjust our homepage and decide
what actually gets shown on there we can
change our watermarking we can have
watermarks automatically added to the
photos or taken off we can even have
password settings so if I go to my
gallery settings we’ll go back here and
we can hide the file name we can decide
whether it’s going to show up in Google
we can have sharpening applied or not
apply to the images when they are
downloaded or resized and somewhere in
here to do we can also upload our photos
via Lightroom which is absolutely
amazing so instead of exporting our
photos in Lightroom then coming in to
pixie set and dragging those photos over
and uploading them that way like I
showed you you can actually download the
Lightroom plugin import it into
Lightroom and then Lightroom will
automatically upload photos as it
exports to pixie set and what’s really
really cool about this is it allows you
to republish new edits so let’s say that
I actually had this gallery and I was
going through it and I liked everything
but the bride got back to me and said
you know in this photo my hair is just
kind of weird I it’s too saturated can
you fix that for me I could say yeah no
problem I hop into Lightroom I adjust
that one photo and then use the plug-in
to automatically sync in I don’t have to
worry about going into this gallery
deleting this photo finding out what
photo that was going back to Lightroom
and then editing exporting going back
into pixie set uploading it’s so much
simpler using the Lightroom plugin so
that’s a really cool tool for you as
well okay so let’s show you
actually what I do when I send my
clients a finished gallery so we’ve got
this gallery I want to send it to my
clients I’m going to open it up here and
you can see that here we have this view
button let me close this I’m going to
hit the View button oh yeah
the share button obviously my mind it
just blanked here the share a button and
from there we can put in there you know
I put in my subject and then what’s
really really cool is that pixie set
obviously we’ve got a preview of what
they’re going to see it has this
beautiful image from the gallery if you
photos button and we can insert an email
template here so I have one pre-made for
2019 wedding delivery I put in their
names and bam I don’t have to worry
about writing this big long email I’ve
already done it and it’s consistent and
the same across every single couple
every single session and I’ve got one
for engagements etc as well and then I
can hit Send invite once that looks good
and they’re going to receive exactly
what it looks like here so this
beautiful email that I could not make by
pixie set does for me and they can even
send me a copy so that I can see it make
sure that it got sent everything like
that we can also share direct links to
our gallery we can share it directly on
to Facebook on a Pinterest Twitter if
you like we can even if you are history
to see if we’ve made sure that we have
actually sent this gallery out so this
is good because sometimes you forget
about it right you say oh I think I sent
them the gallery but did I well you can
check right here and you can see that I
sent it to her originally the beginning
of September now let’s say that we don’t
want just anybody to be able to download
photos I already showed you how to add
the watermark setting but if we are in
our gallery section we have this little
icon here and we can actually decide who
can download and who can see the
different photo so we can have a privacy
section we can add a password and then
that way only the client has access they
have to add this specific password in
order to see it and we can decide which
parts of the gallery are hidden and
which parts are visible to the public so
it’s really amazing that way and that
password will automatically be included
in the actual email template so let’s
say again we’ll go back here say the
password was passed gonna share and then
we have this icon we can insert our
password exclusive access
to the client there you go so if you’re
that kind of photographer you want to
keep things under wraps or you have
sessions that maybe you just don’t want
publicly shared if you do boudoir or
things that are more personal in nature
well that’s a great option that is
included inside of pixie set so I cannot
say enough good things about them if
you’re interested in my email templates
by the way I’m actually going to give
you the 2019 wedding one that I use and
the engagement one that I use if you’re
interested you can just use them as a
reference for writing your own templates
and one little quick tip for you if you
are sending out a session and it’s
appropriate always ask for a review so
what I do at the end of my email is I
just add a couple little sentences
saying hey if you’re up for it I would
love it so much if you would leave a
quick review and a 5-star rating on our
Google page or our Facebook or whatever
it is I’m trying to get reviews on at
the time wedding-y or whatever it is and
then I have a link right here to make it
super easy and I’ve shortened it with
bitly in order to make it just smaller
and nicer looking that’s the only real
reason for that but I will include this
you can download the engagement and the
wedding template just check the
description or the comments I’ll have a
download link for you there
so that’s pixie set that’s how I send it
out and once I have actually sent out
the photos I will follow up with an
additional review request just to kind
of hit them twice kind of give them a
second option in case they were too busy
the first time or just forgot because it
happens and if you want to get reviews
you have to ask tangent no longer pixie
said but you understand let’s talk about
pricing the beautiful thing about pixie
set is it’s actually free if you want to
just use it on a limited basis so for
free you can get three gigabytes of
storage if you use the link that I’m
going to include in the description
below you actually get three point two
five gigabytes of storage so they’ll
give you some bonus if you use that link
and then if you upgrade to basic eight
dollars a month or $10 a month 16/20
depending on how you pay I’m using this
one right here and you saw how many
galleries I have I have several years
worth of weddings and engagements and
this hasn’t been an issue unless you
have a huge crazy amount of photos that
you’re actually taking and giving then
plus is probably going to work just fine
for you but the nice part is you can
upload at any point whatsoever upgrade
not upload that wouldn’t make any sense
so make sure to use that link below if
you’re interested in a discount slash
some bonus storage if you’re using the
free package and yeah if you have any
questions any comments
leave them below in the comments section
obviously make sure to hit that like
button if this video was helpful for you
I hope it was I hope it gave you an idea
of what’s inside pixie set how I
personally use it I just can’t say
enough things about it because I love
the fact that all of my galleries are
beautiful they’re presented in an
amazing way to the client they’re easy
to navigate creating everything is easy
to do
honestly that took me about two seconds
to show you exactly how I’m using pixie
set and the nice bonus is you have all
of your images backed up so I have all
of my sessions for the last two years
just backed up here and I can reference
them I can download photos really
quickly really easily and I just have
them in case I ever need them which I
love having an online backup I don’t
have to worry about a hard drives
failing so hopefully this was helpful
please again comment below like
subscribe if you want more great content
tutorials and free resources and I will
see you in the next video peace

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