Pixieset Tutorial & Overview: How I send online galleries to clients


Learn how to set up pixieset and share your online galleries and photoshoots with clients

In this video tutorial for Pixieset I show you how to set up online photo galleries and deliver photoshoots to your clients using pixieset. We’ll run through how to use pixieset, how I lay out my online galleries, and the different settings in pixieset you can use to fit your business.

Why I love Pixieset

There are many, MANY things I love about Pixieset, and it is absolutely packed full of useful features for professional photographers looking to improve their marketing, sales and client experience. But perhaps what I love most about using pixieset is that its so EASY. You hardly need a pixieset tutorial at all once you spend a few minutes getting a brief overview of how things work and where things are located. Everything is intuitive and simple to figure out.

The beauty of pixieset is you can customize it perfectly for your needs. Whether you’re a wedding photographer, engagement photographer, family photographer, boudoir, senior or all the above.

Try Pixieset free:

Sign up with this link + receive 250mb bonus storage! https://pixieset.com/ref/Loy0qwmweg

*disclaimer: I use and love pixieset, and have not been paid to promote their services. That said, if you choose to purchase through the link above, I will receive a very small commission (free storage space if you sign up for a free account, or a $10 referral bonus if you happen to upgrade to paid)

Feel free to research and choose whatever service you think has the best value for you! Good luck 🙂