Prop & Styling Ideas for Product Photography

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

Product photography props idea for easy and clean styling

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Perfect Prop Ideas for Product Photography

Using this Creative Technique For Product Photos!

Stuck on prop ideas for product photography that are fun and easy to style? Look no further!

If you never thought of using food as a prop for product photos, this is going to be a game changer for you. And you can even get more creative with it for more than just product photos. 

In this video tutorial, Amanda Campeanu shares this creative idea of using fruit as a fun product photography prop to style product photos. 

Think Outside the Fridge – Styling With Fruit for Prop Ideas for Product Photography

Amanda is styling fruit to go with the products, using the ingredients in the product to show them off in beautiful vibrant photos.

Fresh fruit and ingredients are a great way to add color and texture to any scene.

Styling in Product Photography Basics

You want to make sure you are using a backdrop that is antiglare as it will be hard to get good light and detail on a glare-y surface. 

Ensure that the backdrop as well is smooth and matte so when zooming in for detail shots, you don’t get a weird texture on the background.

If the background or backdrop is smooth and matte, it will pull the focus onto the main subject, which is the product you are photographing.

Use levels for styling product photography

Prop Ideas for Product Photography #1: Flat Lay

Using super fresh and vibrant fruit will add so much color to your photos. 

You can cut and prep them into different shapes and sizes to add more visual interest. 

Using the artistic rule of odds, place three or five pieces of each fruit in the scene. Styling product photography props is all about balancing the composition and creating a visually appealing scene around the product.

This is Amanda’s styling for the vitamin C serum she’s shooting:

Flat lay with fruit product photography props

Prop Ideas for Product Photography #2: Levels

Using a mini staircase or small stands or blocks that look good in your photo, you can layer the fruit above, below and around the product.

Adding props of fruit above and below creates visually appealing levels so that everything isn’t at one boring level. It’s more eye-catching and interesting to have the levels created by props.

Larger pieces around the product allow for a good frame and volume to the photo. 

Try using all three elements of background, midground and foreground to create levels of visual depth. 

Using all of the spaces for styling around the product

Prop Ideas for Product Photography #3: Get Really Creative!

For the final photo, Amanda uses a little box and stairs prop to create a miniature pool scene. 

This is for a peach ingredient product so styling with not just peaches but in a peach iced tea pool scene is quite creative.

Think outside the box with your styling ideas and be as creative as you can. Simple isn’t always better and sometimes the craziest sounding ideas end up being the best ones.

Try out different fun scenes with your fruit and anything that might go with, like ice cream or a mini car. Get creative with it!

Thinking outside of the box with product photo prop ideas

Product photos don’t have to be boring, the prop and styling ideas are endless!

Using fresh fruit as an example, you can see how product photography styling can be fun and creative. There are some tips to do it well but you can use your imagination and take some amazing product shots!

Interested in improving your photography overall? Check out this full photography skills guide!

Which of the props for product photography ideas above will you try out THIS MONTH?

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