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Photographers, Get Inspired with these Simple Tips

Spark Photography Inspiration Easily and Get Shooting!

There are so many times you might be trying to take photos but just not feeling at all inspired. You want so badly to have photography inspiration but you find yourself not seeing anything inspiring to shoot.

Especially if it’s been a while and you are feeling rusty, the motivation to get back out there can be hard to find.

This cycle of ‘reversed effort’ where you try so hard to will yourself to do something you don’t want to or can’t do, is actually working against you.

Alex Kilbee in this video tutorial shares how to get out of the rut of being uninspired and remove the roadblocks to inspiration and motivation.


How to Get Motivated and Inspired When You Don’t Feel Like It

When you are in a rut of dry, uninspired creativity, it feels too difficult to try to get out there and start again. 

Try applying these simple tips to get your inspiration sparked again!


Photography inspiration Tip #1: Go With Your Instinct

Instead of thinking it’s too hard to get all of the technical settings and rules right so that you can take photos, try just taking any photo that looks interesting.

Just take your camera out, point at an interesting-looking scenery, and take the photo. Don’t overthink the settings or the gear you are using.

When you see an interesting photo through your camera, count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! And take the photo!

Using your good instinct for photography, go around with this ‘counting back from 5’ exercise and take a bunch of photos. This will help your creativity to start flowing.

Amazing photo to inspire creativity by Alex Kilbee


Photography Inspiration Tip #2: Review the Photos

After you have taken your camera and didn’t overthink while you were shooting, you will have a bunch of photos to look at.

Get them off your camera however you do that, and then go through the gallery. Look for the photos you took that really strike you as interesting and note what is so great about them. 

Also, look for the duds and try to see why they didn’t work like you thought you might.

You weren’t overthinking when you took these photos so they are going to be some really great and some not as good.

But both are helpful for you to look at, to help your mind and creativity to think about the art and hopefully get you more inspired to go back out.

Take a photo without overthinking with this 5 second rule to get inspired. This amazing photo by Alex Kilbee is inspiring


Photography Inspiration Tip #3: Reconnect to Creativity

The instinct of taking good photos and seeing great compositions in the world around you is similar to an expert pianist playing or riding a bicycle. 

The more you shoot without overthinking it, the more it will become second nature. 

You can even try, without overthinking too much, some different camera settings or try not changing your focal length if using a zoom lens. Challenge yourself a little bit to make bold photo decisions and watch your creativity come back.

Once you have learned the technical skills, gear settings, and basic elements of photography it is more important to lean into the creativity aspect. If you can relax into taking the photos, your gut and creative instinct will kick in.

Beautiful interesting photo by Alex Kilbee


This Exercise Will Help You to Get Inspired Again and Unlock Your Creativity

Taking lots of quick photos should help you to reconnect with your creativity and instinct that are there. But need to be given a jolt of inspiration. 

When you’re feeling unmotivated or just creatively lazy, you have to do more than just wish for inspiration.

Make yourself go out and try this exercise to get the creativity flowing and spark inspiration.

Want to improve your Photography overall? Check out this comprehensive guide!

How will you try out these photography inspiration tips TODAY?

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