3 Biggest Mistakes When Editing Real Estate Photos

3 Biggest Mistakes When Editing Real Estate Photos

Avoid these editing mistakes to improve your Real Estate Photography!

In this Real Estate Photography tutorial, Nathan Cool Photo shares the most common mistakes newbie Real Estate Photographers make and what you can do to make sure you NEVER make them yourself.

Real Estate Photo Editing Mistake #1 – Adding Saturation / Dehaze / Vibrance To Interior Shots

There are MANY reasons not to do this, but number one reason why this is a massive mistake is you want ALL your colors in Real Estate Photos to look natural, muted and like they do in real life. Exaggerating the saturation & dehaze also increases color casts that make your photos messy.

Real Estate Photo Editing Mistake #2 – Over Lifting The Shadows

If you have to raise the shadows a lot in editing, it means your photo in camera wasn’t lit correctly.

When you lift shadows too far, you lose image contrast AND you mess with the colors in the photos and get unnatural, HDR feeling photos that make you look like an amateur

Real Estate Photo Editing Mistake #3 – Over Sharpening

As a photographer, it can be VERY tempting to add sharpening to your image, but the higher you raise your sharpening, the more unnatural and amateur it will make your photos look.

What do you think? What is the NUMBER 1 mistake you see Real Estate Photographers making?

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