How To Add Fake Bokeh In Lightroom

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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How To Add Fake Bokeh In Lightroom

Create Realistic Bokeh Effects In Adobe Lightroom in SECONDS.

Learn how to add realistic bokeh/ lens flare to your photos in Lightroom in seconds. It’s quick, it’s easy and oh so dreamy! In this quick Lightroom tutorial you’ll see how to use the adjustment brush in Adobe Lightroom to create believable lens effects like fake Bokeh entirely inside of lightroom. No photoshop required! This Lightroom editing technique is super effective for creating edits like Brandon Woelfel and adding interest to your photos. Let’s dive in together.

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[powerkit_collapsible title=”VIDEO TRANSCRIPT (AUTO GENERATED)”]
hey guys Ryan here at signature edits
and today I’m going to show you how to
add bokeh to your photos in post it’s
quick it’s easy and it takes your photos
to that extra little bit of Awesome
let’s do it okay so for this you’re
going to head over to the develop module
find a photo with a back lit subject
okay it’s important that the Sun be
behind and facing towards your camera
that’ll help sell the effect if your
photo is taken from the other direction
it won’t look as natural all the same
here’s how you do the effect go into
your adjustment brush then you’re going
to take your exposure up by somewhere
around point eight take your contrast
all the way down your D haze down to
around minus 80 ish and your feather all
the way down this is really important to
make sure that it looks kind of natural
now your flow are going to take down low
somewhere around 14 18 and that’s just
going to make sure that we can actually
layer the effect that it’s not naturally
at 100% opacity and if we click more we
get a darker bokeh ball okay so I’m
going to restart here and what I like to
do is just start with a bigger ball on
the outside and I’m just clicking
multiple times to make it show up more
or less and I’m just sort of changing my
brush size here using my trackpad or my
scroll wheel if you’re on a mouse and
just clicking once in some places five
times in another place eight times in
another etc and you just go through and
it’s like painting guys so you kind of
need to feel it out if you are finding
it’s not looking super natural it might
be because you’ve just added too much so
you can always go back and get rid of
some of those pokéballs and start again
and we’re just going to go through and
add a few into our photo just like this
and I gradually make them smaller as I
get further towards the bottom of the
image okay so once you’ve got that you
can actually click and drag it around
see where you like it so I’m gonna put
this right around there and I’m not
super loving this particular one so I’m
going to just keep adding on here or you
can always restart if you want to do it
again just go through and you get the
picture at this point I’m just layering
these little balls until I get it
somewhere that I like okay so I’ve got
that maybe add some on this side great
and that is looking pretty good so that
is how you add bokeh inside of Lightroom
it’s quick it’s easy and it really adds
extra interest to the image so here’s
before and here is after hey I hope this
was helpful for you if it was please
smash that like button don’t forget to
subscribe for more great content and if
you want to try some awesome new
Lightroom presets make sure to check out
the links in the description below they
are free for you to test out alright
I’ll see you in the next one



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