Remove Pretty Much ANYTHING Using LRs Spot Removal Tool!

Lightroom Spot Removal Tutorial – Spot remove ANYTHING in Lightroom

How To Remove Pretty Much ANYTHING Using LRs Spot Removal Tool!

Today we’re going to look at how to remove anything using the spot removal tool in Lightroom. Lightroom has an incredible tool built in you might not know much about – Its called the spot removal tool, and is traditionally meant for quickly removing acne, blemishes and other “spots” from portraits in Lightroom. This is an incredibly handy feature, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the spot removal tool (and its partner, the spot healing tool) can remove, erase and heal pretty much anything in Lightroom.

Want to learn more about Spot Removal?

In this lightroom editing tutorial we’ll dive into using the spot removal tool, how to use spot removal, when to use spot removal, and tips for great results using this awesome lightroom tool. Lets learn how to remove spots, blemishes, people from backgrounds, and distractions using lightrooms spot removal tool, spot removal AND spot healing.

Ready? Lets dive in to this In Depth Adobe Lightroom Spot Removal Tutorial!

Want To Practice Along? Download the free practice raw file here now!

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