Review of the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone for photography

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

Video review of long term use of the DJI mini 3 pro drone

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DJI mini 3 Pro drone Review – The Best Drone for your Money

Is this the best Mini Drone for video and photography? 

In this tutorial Stefan Malloch reviews this mini drone, testing it for long term use and comparing against similar drones in the market! Check out this DJI Mini 3 Pro drone review. 

He’d used it for many hours over many months so this is a tried-and-tested long term use review.


Long term use test of the DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone!

The DJI Mini 3 Pro drone has many features!

It is super fun and versatile to use for video and photography alike.


JI mini 3 pro drone specs

DJI mini 3 Pro drone Review: Specs

This drone is small but mighty! It is very durable and can survive many crashes. It’s not as heavy as bigger drones so it doesn’t take too much damage when crashed at high and low speeds.

This mini drone is nice and quiet compared to other models.

Standard battery lasts 34 minutes, real world use you get about 25 minutes. There’s an extended battery you can purchase to get up to use of 38 minutes (but makes it heavier and technically over the weight limit). 

You’ll need one spare battery at minimum on hand with the regular battery life. 

DJI mini 3 Pro drone Review

DJI mini 3 Pro drone Review: Features

The video on this drone shoots in 4k60, which means a 4K resolution (3840×2160 or 4096×2160 pixels) displayed 60 times per second). It also shoots 10bit meaning the color range captured can be very high.

The drone has an active tracking feature which is very accurate, but doesn’t turn left or right.

A unique feature of this drone is that it can tilt upward 60 degrees. The Air2s and maverick 3 can’t do this. This gives you the ability to get some really unique creative shots.

Great for beginners and experienced drone pilots alike.

The interface is user friendly and easy to use. You can get nice quick shots, hyperlapses, to master shots (ton of shots combined into one clip).

You can shoot panorama, wide angle, and 48megapix stills. It also has bracketing settings. The sky is the limit for photogrpahy with this drone!

Drone shot of the street

DJI mini 3 Pro drone Review: Accessories

There is a new RC controller that comes with the Mini 3 Pro. With this controller, the range is better and control is very stable. 

It’s nice and wire free allowing no need for a phone or tablet to control the drone. 

Together they start up quickly and gets going fast. Nice handheld size and built in screen which does add a small amount of bulk.

Battery life of the controller is also very good. The controller can screen record and save to a mirco SD card. 

A must-have accessory is a lanyard to connect the controller to save it’s life from dropping. Downside is the battery charging time, it takes a long time for these to charge.

Performance DJI mini 3 Pro drone Review

DJI mini 3 Pro drone Review: Performance

Performance wise, this mini drone shines in all areas!

It’s fast, great handling, and has a better flight sensor than previous models. The raw files taken for photography with this drone give you a lot of information and many options in post processing.

The range is pretty good, good when in line of sight. 13km range is advertised but works better in less.

Suggested to get some neutral density lens filters which are inexpensive and they will help with the fixed fast aperture lens on the drone.

Sensor performs better in low-light than other drones, can perform well where the DJI Mini 2 Pro drone wouldn’t cut it. The active tracking is quick and can keep up with almost anything, even put to the test. 

It performs really well, but a little bit limited because there are no sideways sensors. Tracking is smoother the faster the subject is going, so it’s real for car or snowboarding shots for example.

This photo shows the range sensor on the drone in action:

range of the drone in action


The DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone is small but powerful!

This review of the mini 3 pro drone shows that this drone can do what you need for video and photography. Overall, it’s a big step up over the Mini 2 version!

Would you use this drone or another drone for photography?

Comment below!

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