Should You USE VERO Over Instagram for Your Photography?

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

A video review of Vero app for photographers

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Review of VERO App for Photographers

Looking at This New Platform for Posting and Networking

Photographers are struggling with Instagram in some ways, and if you are looking for a different social platform, you might have considered Vero. This is a review of VERO app for photographers compared to Instagram.

Vero is a platform made for photographers, similar to Instagram or Facebook. It allows you to post text, photos, videos, links and more, to a variety of audiences. Some users have found Vero to be super useful, while others have not.

In this video, Pat Kay shares his review of using Vero over 30 days and the pros and cons of the platform from his perspective.

Review of VERO App for Photographers Over Instagram

Instagram and algorithms have become confusing and way too flooded with content. But is Vero a more usable platform for photographers? Here are some observations when reviewing the Vero App.


Vero app for photographers you can post full resolution images which is great for galleries and portfolios

VERO is Specifically for Photographers

Because it’s tailored for photographers, it allows you to upload full-resolution images.

The consumption of photography is a great experience on this app.

You can post galleries and look at others’ photos and posts. You can also comment and message other users. 

But this means that your friends and other networks aren’t on this platform. So if you are only using Vero, you aren’t connecting with these other communities. 

It’s also not the greatest for communicating and community engagement, without threaded comments and other features you might be used to in Instagram.


You can post a lot of content on Vero app

There is no Algorithm in VERO App

Some people love the algorithm. Some people hate it. Instagram has algorithms that seem impossible to crack. But with the algorithms, your feed is clean and tailored with new content that is curated for you.

Vero does not use an algorithm in your feed. It’s not tailoring your feed to your search or views, what you like and who you connect with.

You just see the feed as it comes through, which may mean that you miss some important posts or popular content.

The non-algorithm approach might really suit some people, but others might not find it as great.


Review of VERO app for photographers, is it right for you?

The Value in Using VERO Depends on Your Goals

If your intention with using Vero is to present your portfolio, this is a great place to do so. If you are looking to connect with other photographers, get feedback and network, this app might be for you. You may find great value in connecting, posting your images, and looking at other photographers’ art.

But if you want to be networking with prospective clients, marketing your business, or connecting with anyone other than photographers, Vero will fall short for you.

There may be updates and added features down the road that make Vero more viable for business and connection, but that is not the case at the moment. 


Review of VERO app: There’s different value in using the different platforms

You have to look at Vero for yourself and decide if wit’s worth it for you.

Likes and followers on Instagram might mean more return on time investment for you than Vero, but it depends on your personal reasons for using and posting on these platforms.

Learn more about social media for photography business here!

Which of these tips in the review of VERO app for photographers will help you decide to use Vero or not? 

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