Seamless Instagram Post Photoshop Tutorial-Multi-Image-Instagram-Collages-with-Adobe-Photoshop

Seamless Instagram Post Photoshop Video Tutorial

How To Make Seamless Instagram Posts In Adobe Photoshop

Create seamless puzzle feeds, grids & multi image collages in Photoshop in 30 seconds.

In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to make seamless instagram posts in Photoshop for image collages, puzzle feeds and multi images.

It’s no secret that to build an instagram following as a photographer, you’ve got to figure out how to get your work to stand out from a sea of competition. Instagram multi image grids and seamless collages can be an effective way to showcase your work in a unique and powerful way.

But how do you make a seamless instagram feed?

Fortunately, making instagram collages and multi image feeds are really simple to put together and create using Adobe Photoshop.

In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to make multi image instagram collages in 30 seconds using Photoshop in just a few simple steps:

Creating Multi Image Instagram Collages with Adobe Photoshop:

The beauty of using photoshop to make instagram collages and seamless grid feeds is how simple and FAST it is. Combine using photoshop with posting to instagram from your computer, and you’ve got a 1-2 punch that will allow you to create WAY more quality content than your competition, with far less work.

Seamless Instagram Post Photoshop Step 1: Create a new photoshop document

Open up photoshop and create a new document with the custom image size that matches the total size of your grid. To find these numbers, multiple the number of tiles in your grid in both length and width by 1080

For example, here are the dimensions for a grid of 3 width and 5 height:

Width = 1080 x 3 tiles in width = 3240px

Height = 1080 x 5 tiles in height = 5400px

Seamless Instagram Post Step 2: Create your image collage

Import your photo or photos and design your finished feed. Note you don’t HAVE to create a collage if you don’t want to – This tutorial will work for both seamless images and instagram collages.

Seamless Photoshop Instagram Feed Step 3: Create new guide template

Navigate to the photoshop menu –> select view –> select “create new guide template”

Set the number of rows to your grid height, and the number of columns to your grid width.

Seamless Instagram Photoshop Step 4: Use the slice tool to divide your images

Navigate to the slice tool, which can be found by clicking and holding the crop tool and then selecting “slice tool” from the drop down menu.

From there, click the button that appears in the top menu that says “slices from guides”

This will divide your image up into a perfect number of mini images by following the guidelines we made in step 3.

Multi-Image Instagram Step 5: Export your separate multi-images

Head to File–>Export–>Save for web (Legacy) and save out your finished image collage

Instagram Collage Step 6: Send the photos to your phone to upload, or upload from your computer!

All that remains is to upload the images as you normally would, one at a time in sequence. You’ll need to upload them in REVERSE order so that the finished grid is in the correct order. So start by uploading you last image, then the second last, then the third last etc until you upload the first image from the sequence at the very end.

Instagram Multi Image Feed Step 7: Admire your finished work!

Double check you’ve uploaded everything correctly by viewing your feed. If all looks good, give yourself a pat on the back – You’ve just published your first instagram multi image collage!


Instagram Multi Image Feeds and image collages are a great way to add some extra WOW factor to your instagram feed. They might seem complicated, but once you know these tricks to creating them in photoshop, it’s actually extremely simple and easy to do!

What do you think – Will you be using instagram collages in your next flow?

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Until next time – Create something awesome!