Revealing Secret Lightroom Tricks PROs Use to FOOL You!

Revealing Secret Lightroom Tricks PROs Use to FOOL You!

How pros edit their photos in Lightroom to create editing magic

In photography, as in life, things are often not what they seem. There are many different tricks that photographers use to create the illusion something is different than it actually is in their photos. In this video, Mark Denney shares with you the most common tricks that photographers use in their edits to fool you

1. The first trick is using a radial filter to create the illusion of a perfect, glowing sun. In reality, the sun often has an atmospheric glow to it, but by using a radial filter in Lightroom or Photoshop, photographers can make it look like the sun is perfectly round and glowing.

2. The second trick is using the HSL to manipulate colors & create a more Spring or Fall feel in your photos

3. The third & final trick is using a vignette to make the photo look more vintage & give it some nostalgia + character. New lenses & cameras can almost look TOO sharp and perfect sometimes – The character of old cameras lent to the charm and story being told in the photograph.