Shimoda Explore V2 vs Action X In Depth Review & Comparison!

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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Shimoda Explore V2 vs Action X In Depth Review & Comparison!

Are Shimoda Camera Bags Worth The Hype?

When it comes to photography backpacks, there have never been many options for outdoor & travel photographers. For the most part, you either had to use a camera bag without the weather proofing of your typical hiking gear, or you just needed to shove your camera gear into your backpacking kit and deal with the clutter.

Fortunately, a few companies have started making camera bags and photography backpacks for adventure photographers & those of us who need something a little more rugged.

One such company is Shimoda – Who originally launched their adventure photo backpack on Kickstarter to rave reviews from adventure photographers everywhere.

I kept hearing amazing things about Shimoda backpacks – Especially their new Explore V2.

So I reached out to them to give the bags a try and in depth review.

They agreed to send me 2 bags to test, in exchange for an unbiased, unscripted review. Shimoda didn’t have any input or contact with me before the video was recorded and the review went live.

Since they arrived in the mail, I’ve hiked, adventured & traveled hundreds of km’s with the Shimoda Explore V2 & Shimoda Action X photography backpacks

This bag review gives you everything I’ve found – Good and bad.

This review video is an in depth comparison of both of these camera bags along with adventure photography bag alternatives to help you decide what the best adventure camera bag is for you. 

If you have questions, leave them in the comments! I’m happy to answer.

Planning to purchase a Shimoda bag? 

**USE DISCOUNT CODE “SIGNATURE10” for 10% off all Shimoda gear!**



0:00 – Intro

0:37 – Shimoda Action X

1:13 – Shimoda Explore V2.0

1:25 – Zippers, Weather Seal & Finish


2:29 – Height Adjustable Harness

2:46 – Shoulder Straps

2:52 – Women Specific Shoulder Straps

3:52 – Side Camera Access & Rear Camera Access

4:05 – Laptop Sleeve

4:28 – Laptop Upper Pass Through

4:37 – Removable Waist Strap

5:03 – Removable, Modular Core Units & Capacity

5:32 – 35L vs 30L & Sizing Advice

8:00 – Bag Layout

8:40 – Stowable Tripod & Storage Pouches

9:06 – Side Compression Straps

9:16 – Accessory Straps

9:28 – Material Quality

9:47 – Rain Cover

10:05 – Ultra Reinforced Bottom

10:18 – Low Profile Compression Straps

10:25 – Internal Support Frame

10:41 – Zipper Divided Internal Pockets

11:10 – Key Ring Quick Release Holder

11:33 – Hydration Bladder Access Point

11:56 – Chest Buckle Safety Whistle

12:10 – Travel & Carry On


12:51 – Shimoda Action X vs Explore V2 Differences:

13:02 – Luggage Pass-Thru Handle

13:30 – Lens Filter Side Pocket

13:48 – TSA Friendly Lockable Zippers

13:57 – Secret Passport Pocket

14:19 – Base Grab Handle

14:37 – Breathable Mesh Webbing

15:17 – Dual Access Document Pouch

15:58 – Shimoda Action X Unique Features

16:02 – Cargo Expanding Roll Top

16:44 – Rear Webbing & Attachment Points

16:56 – Heavier Duty Wear Resistant Materials

17:19 – Removable Helmet Holder

17:34 – Heavier Duty Compression Straps

18:04 – Vertical Side Pocket Storage


18:12 – Real World Experience

18:35 – Frustration #1 – Sizing Choice

20:01 – Frustration #2 – Misunderstanding Features

21:20 – Frustration #3 – Laptop Sleeve

21:49 – Frustration #4 – Camera Cube Sizing 

22:00 – Good For Wedding Photographers?


22:50 – How Does It Stack Up?

23:17 – The Verdict: Should You Buy It?

23:46 – The Apple Of Camera Bags

24:36 – Apply This Lesson To Your Photography

25:25 – Why Shimoda Won Me Over

25:59 – Who This Bag Is For

26:31 – Final Thoughts & Conclusion

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The Explore V2 35 is Shimoda’s largest landscape-specific adventure pack. Built for photographers who want to venture into demanding locations but also need to travel globally just to start an adventure. Its size meets U.S. and some international carry-on regulations, so creators can ensure key photographic equipment makes it onboard.

The E35 was built to pack Mirrorless and DSLR cameras, even those with a vertical grip, and the pack is stocked with numerous travel smart features ensuring your adventures go as smooth as possible. Lockable zippers, a hidden passport pocket and a luggage pass-through handle compliment the adventure-driven comfort and durability. It’s all packaged in a sleek design bound to satisfy the pickiest of creators.

*Explore V2 35 Starter Kit includes Explore V2 35 Backpack, Medium DSLR Core Unit, Rain Cover and Accessory Straps


The Action X30 is designed for aggressive photographers looking for an efficient, fast access and compact backcountry camera bag. It’s built for foul weather and ever-changing environments.

This low-profile pack will comfortably fit most mirrorless and DSLR cameras (up to a Canon 5D) via or our Mirrorless Core Units. Its roll-top access allows users to expand or compress the volume to the demands of the day. A lower-level TPU compression strap ensures greater durability when attaching skis, and its removable helmet strap lets users secure mountaineering, ski or bike helmets to the outside of their pack.

The Action X interchangeable harness features two zippered pockets to carry most phones, water bottles or personal accessories. Both the Action X30 and X50 feature a revised side access system with a wider and more versatile opening. Finally, its removable belt makes the Action X30 a stealthy and stylish partner in urban environments.

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