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SEO For Photographers

Learn SEO for Photographers and Show Up #1 On Google Search! The number 1 marketing strategy for photographers. Fill your empty email inbox, get more inquiries on autopilot, and book more clients.

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Learn SEO For Photographers: How To Show Up #1 On Google Search!

-The number 1 marketing strategy for photographers.
-Fill your empty email inbox, get more inquiries on autopilot, and book more clients.

Turn your website from a ghost town into a client booking machine

Any of these sound familiar?

  • “I just wish I could get more clients!”
  • “I have no idea how to get customers”
  • “I need more bookings!”

You’re not alone! This SEO for photographers course will show you how to unlock the power of SEO & blogging to dramatically increase your visitors, target better customers & get more bookings.

Get more potential customers to your website

Inside this course you’ll learn how to combine smart SEO strategies with blogging to 2X, 10X or even 100X the visitors to your website, while strategically attracting the RIGHT kind of visitors (aka your dream clients)

Learn how to show up on the front page of google

You’ll learn the shortcuts to getting your website showing up on google search and getting your content seen on youtube & social media.

Save time with some of the best kept secrets to ranking content FAST.

Dramatically increase your booking inquiries
By the end of this course, you’ll know exactly what steps you need to take to get your website out of a rut and wake up every day to brand new customer inquiries in your inbox.

Hey friend! I’m Ryan.

Let me tell you how SEO saved my photography business…

When I started out in photography, I thought I had things figured out…
I had some camera gear, I had a decent website, I had a small portfolio of images.

The one problem? I had NO CLIENTS!

So I started consuming all the marketing material I could get my hands on.
I bought hundreds of dollars worth of courses, read dozens of books,
and watched countless of hours of marketing tutorials.

I’m not going to lie – Most of the advice I found just didn’t apply very well to photography.

Many of these “genius” marketing strategies were just a waste of time.
But I kept trying things, & eventually I started getting some real results.

Through trial and error I figured out what worked and what didn’t.

Soon, I was consistently getting 5-10 inquiries every single day.
It absolutely changed my life. And I’ve never had to worry about an empty inbox ever since.
I’ve tried LOTS of marketing ideas that didn’t work over the years, but I’ve also found a few things that work like crazy.

Want to know the best marketing strategy I’ve found in all my years as a photographer?

You guessed it. A little thing called SEO for photographers.

After 8 years of trying every marketing strategy under the sun, Website SEO combined with strategic blogging is hands down my all time fav marketing strategy.

It’s not some top secret marketing concept. In fact, it’s actually pretty simple to do!
The key is in knowing how ranking on google works and creating the right type of content.

The best part is once your SEO is optimized and your content has been created, it brings you leads 24/7, 365 days a year – FOREVER.

I have blogposts from 7 years ago that are STILL generating 3-4 inquiries daily.
How many inquiries do you get from your instagram stories from last year? Let alone 7 years later.

This step by step guide gives you everything you need to generate more leads & get more bookings.
Inside this workshop I’ll teach you exactly what you need to take your website from a ghost town to an customer attracting machine that will bring you all the inquiries you can handle.

I’ve spent literally 8 YEARS learning and testing this stuff so you don’t have to!
I can’t wait for you to see the transformation that happens when you combine good SEO with blogging in your business.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

This course comes with a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee. Love it, or your money-back.

Ryan Breitkreutz

Ryan Breitkreutz is the founder of Signature Edits & a professional photographer with 10+ years industry experience. He has photographed weddings, portraits & travel shoots around the world, and his passion is empowering other creators to impact their communities & build their dream businesses.

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All our courses come with a “love it or your money-back” guarantee.

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