Simple & Effective SEO Tips For Photographers

Simple & Effective SEO Tips For Photographers

1 Quick Trick To Improve Your Photography SEO

In this tutorial you’ll learn some extremely simple and effective SEO tips for photographers.

Ranking your photography website on google search is hard work. I remember when I was first starting my photography business, I spent countless hours researching SEO and trying to figure out how to improve my photography SEO.

I now know that SEO is actually not that complicated, but it DOES take some specific strategies (and some serious elbow grease) to get it working for you.

In this quick seo tutorial for photographers, we’ll talk about an easy yet essential SEO tip that you can start applying to your website today to instantly improve your photography SEO.

SEO Tips For Photographers

Once you learn how to use alt text and title tags in your images you instantly improve your website SEO and the odds of showing up in search engines like google. This quick and easy tip can be applied in a couple of minutes and is super simple and easy (And yet somehow so many photographers have NO idea!)

Alt tags and image titles play an incredibly important role in getting your photography seen and getting visitors to your website. After all, it doesn’t matter how good your photography is if no one ever finds you!

Set a couple hours aside to dedicate to adding alt tags and redoing the title tags on your images. Turn off your phone, close all the other tabs and TAKE ACTION. Remember – It doesn’t matter how many SEO tricks you learn, what matters is whether or not you actually apply it!

I hope this tutorial has helped you understand a little bit more about SEO and how you can use alt tags and title tags to improve your photography website seo.

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