Sony’s Global Shutter Just Changed Mirrorless Cameras FOREVER

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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Sony just announced the new Sony A9 III, which is the world’s FIRST mirrorless camera with a global shutter, which is going to change the mirrorless camera market in a massive way over the next few years. In this video tutorial we’ll explain what global shutter is, how it global shutter works, and everything else you need to know about the first mirrorless global shutter in the new Sony Alpha 9 III

Inside this video you’ll learn:

  • Global shutter vs rolling shutter,
  • Why global shutter matters,
  • What new features global shutter makes possible,
  • How global shutter is going to change photography & video in years to come.

Big Sony Camera Update

Sony has introduced a groundbreaking camera, the Alpha 9 III, equipped with the world’s first full-frame global shutter image sensor. This announcement is making BIG waves because over the coming years global shutter is going to redefine the mirrorless camera market and bring features we’ve never seen before in Sony Cameras and other mirrorless camera bodies.

What are the differences between global shutter and mechanical rolling shutter?

This list breaks down the main differences between global shutter and mechanical shutter (aka rolling shutter)

Global Shutter Advantages:

  1. Capture Method: Simultaneous Capture: Global shutter captures the entire image frame at once, exposing all pixels simultaneously to light. This ensures that all parts of the image are recorded at the same moment.
  2. Distortion-Free Imaging: No Rolling Shutter Effect: Global shutter eliminates the rolling shutter effect, where fast-moving subjects may appear distorted or skewed due to the sequential exposure of different parts of the image.
  3. Flash Synchronization: Global shutter allows seamless synchronization with a flash at any shutter speed, providing flexibility for photographers in various lighting conditions.
  4. Maximum Shutter Speed: Ultra-Fast Shutter Speeds: Global shutter can achieve ultra-fast shutter speeds, enabling the capture of high-speed motion without distortion. Some cameras with global shutters can reach speeds like 1/80000 second
  5. No “Jello Effect” With Video: Global shutter technology is particularly beneficial for video recording, ensuring distortion-free footage, especially in scenarios with fast movement.
  6. Never miss a shot again with PRE CAPTURE: Global shutter technology allows for VERY fast burst shooting (Up to 120 photos per second!) which allows cameras like the Sony A9 III to PRE CAPTURE photos before you press all the way down on the shutter button. This means you can go back in time by 1-2 seconds to select the PERFECT still from a sequence of hundreds of images.

Mechanical Shutter Disadvantages:

  1. Capture Method: Mechanical shutters typically capture the image sequentially, opening and closing the shutter curtain to expose different parts of the image one after another. This limits camera abilities and also means more moving parts that break down over time, limiting camera life.
  2. Rolling Shutter Effect: Mechanical shutters can introduce the rolling shutter effect, where fast-moving subjects may appear distorted due to the time lag between the exposure of different parts of the image.
  3. Flash Synchronization: Limited Flash Synchronization: Mechanical shutters may have limitations when synchronizing with a flash, especially at very high shutter speeds.
  4. Maximum Shutter Speed: Mechanical shutters may have limitations on achieving extremely fast shutter speeds, and prolonged exposure times may be limited.

Unlocking New Possibilities with Global Shutter

The introduction of global shutter opens up a realm of possibilities for photographers and videographers. One of the standout features is the ability to shoot at incredibly high speeds without compromising image quality. With burst speeds of up to 120 frames per second on the Sony Alpha 9 III, global shutter allows for freeze-frame captures of fast-moving events, making it a game-changer for sports, wildlife, and action photography.

Additionally, global shutter enables seamless flash synchronization at all shutter speeds, providing photographers with creative control over lighting conditions. The technology also plays a pivotal role in video recording, offering distortion-free footage and the capability to record high-frame-rate videos without cropping, as seen in the 4K 120p videos on the Alpha 9 III.

How Global Shutter Will Transform Photography & Video in the Future

As global shutter technology becomes more widespread, we can anticipate a transformative impact on both photography and videography. Here’s a glimpse into how global shutter is poised to shape the future:

  • Enhanced Precision: Global shutter ensures precise and accurate capture of fast-paced scenes, offering photographers and videographers unprecedented control over their craft.
  • Versatility in Creative Expression: The ability to synchronize flash at any shutter speed opens up new avenues for creative lighting, allowing photographers to experiment with different styles and moods.
  • Revolutionizing Action Photography: Sports and wildlife photographers, in particular, will benefit from global shutter’s distortion-free imaging, enabling them to capture decisive moments with unparalleled clarity.
  • Seamless Video Production: In the realm of videography, global shutter is set to become a standard feature, providing filmmakers with the means to create high-quality, distortion-free videos, even at high frame rates.

In conclusion, global shutter technology is not just a refinement in imaging; it’s a revolution. The Sony Alpha 9 III exemplifies the potential of this technology, and as it becomes more prevalent across the industry, we can anticipate a shift towards a new era of precision, creative freedom, and unparalleled imaging excellence.


With the Alpha 9 III, Sony has redefined the mirrorless camera landscape. The integration of the world’s first full-frame global shutter image sensor positions this camera as a technological marvel, setting new standards for performance and versatility in both still photography and videography. Sony emerges as a leader, ushering in an era of creative possibilities for photography enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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