Speed up Lightroom – BLAZING editing speeds with 1 simple trick

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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Speed up your Lightroom performance

Quick Edit inside the Lightroom Library Module

Learn how to speed up lightroom image loading & editing speed using this simple Lightroom tool! Inside this Lightroom tutorial we’ll cover one quick trick / tip to dramatically increase your Lightroom Performance using the library module & quick develop panel!


hey guys Ryan here at signature edits
and inside of this video I want to show
you one quick trick you can use inside
of Lightroom to get dramatically faster
editing speeds so this trick might blow
your mind because it is an often
overlooked feature inside of Lightroom
but once you start using it you really
see the power inside are you ready let’s
do it
all right so you might have had this
experience before you’re trying to edit
your photos in Lightroom but the problem
is when you’re in this developed module
every change you make takes like 10
seconds to show up and there’s this huge
delay and you’re just killing yourself
because there’s nothing you can do to
speed up Lightroom it’s driving you
crazy and having to wait 15 seconds for
every single adjustment you make to show
up it’s just going to take way longer to
edit the session well I have this
experience the other day and I just
happened to be in the library view
instead of my develop module and I
thought to myself I wonder what this
quick develop panel is about you know
obviously I know you can use it inside
the Lightroom library module however
I’ve never actually looked at it that
closely I’ve used it for global
adjustments so if you want to grab
everything and just set your tone
control to auto or adjust your white
balance and set it to auto or whatever
I’ve used it for that but I’ve never
actually use it for editing and I
thought to myself self is it possible
that you could actually edit your photos
in the library module and the reason
you’d want to do that is because if
you’re in the library module you can
view the photos so much faster see how
fast I’m scrolling and there’s really no
delay between these photos loading it’s
so much quicker so if you go to the
library module you can do that by going
to the grid view by pressing G or once
you’re in the library press command + or
ctrl + probably on a PC you’ll have to
figure that out to get to the full
screen view of the library and once you
do that you can actually notice that we
have our quick develop panel here and we
can adjust our exposure basic settings
things like this shadows highlights
whatever it is we can adjust all of that
in the quick develop panel so if you
have most of your settings sorted and
all you have to do is really adjust your
exposure and a few basic settings which
is typically what I’m doing inside of
Lightroom most of the time I’ll let the
preset that I use do the heavy lifting
for me so for instance here’s I’ll reset
the photo and at the very beginning of
the session I’ll just apply our clean
and classic preset is what I’ve been
liking a recent Lee you can download
this for free I’ll make sure I leave a
link below in the description and I’ll
adjust the exposure adjust the contrast
a little bit to where I kind of like it
and life is good onto the next photo
which is fine in the develop module but
if you’re using 2000 photos in a session
it takes a long time whereas if you’re
in the library view here I can make
those same adjustments far faster and
scroll without delay and just
go through here adjust things and
there’s no delay whatsoever right I
still have to wait for the change itself
to show up but what’s gone is the lag
between images loading it so much better
that way so what I can do then is I have
my preset applied I’ll scroll through
and just anytime there’s an image that
needs a slight tweak like that one maybe
a little bit brighter perfect and I move
on I don’t have to wait between photos
anymore it’s so so much better for those
kind of basic adjustments and if I find
out you know I’m going through and this
photo let’s say needs more of a
localized adjustment well I’ll go in
press the D key to get to the to get to
the develop module and then I can simply
brush that on there and do my thing
perfect swanky and then I’ll go back to
the grid mode and resume my quest just
going through one photo at a time but
it’s way way faster than if I were to do
this in the develop module just to show
you there’s that instant of delay
waiting for the resolution to show up
waiting for the photo to load and so
it’s going to be a lot faster when
you’re editing large amounts of photos
to do it in the library view using your
quick developed panel so I hope this
tutorial was helpful for you I know it
might not have been anything new but it
might just be a feature in Lightroom
you’ve overlooked that has some serious
benefit especially if you’re editing
large batches of images if you like this
please make sure to hit that like button
for me if it was helpful
make sure to subscribe for more great
content and leave me a comment below
what did you think do you have other
tips or techniques that you found has
really sped up your Lightroom editing
process I’d love to hear about them
alright I’ll catch in the next video

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