Studio Lighting Tutorial – Photography Lighting Essentials

Studio Lighting Tutorial

An in depth studio & photography lighting tutorial for beginners.

I get to see a lot of really cool photos running Signature Edits. The biggest bummer is when I see a photo that COULD have been great, but failed because of one simple thing.

99% of the time, they fail because their lighting sucked.

Do you know the difference between hard and soft light? How about rembrandt and butterfly? Does shooting outdoors in full sun make you panic? Do you get stressed out thinking about studio lighting?

In this photography tutorial you’ll learn 6 absolutely essential lighting techniques for cinematic portraits, luscious landscapes and creating photos that IMPACT.

Improving your lighting will instantly improve every aspect of your photography.

In this lighting tutorial we’ll unpack 6 essential lighting techniques for cinematic portraits, learn the difference between lighting terms like soft light, hard light, diffusion, key lights etc, and show you step by step how to recreate different lighting effects. Learn the difference between rembrandt lighting and loop lighting. Master split lighting, clamshell lighting and butterfly lighting. Learn how key lights work, how to do basic studio lighting setups for glamour, portraits and indoor studio photography, and more importantly how to take those lighting concepts and apply them to everyday beginner photography without any lighting equipment. By the end of this video you’ll have a firm grasp on the basics of photography lighting, and how to use light, color and shadow to tell better stories in your photography and videos.