The BEST Inexpensive Beginner Camera Gear

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Affordable camera gear for beginners

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Great Camera, Lens and Flash Kit Under $1000!

Affordable Camera Gear Recommendations For Beginners

You want to buy inexpensive beginner camera gear but don’t know where to start? 

Maybe you’re looking to do photography as a hobby, or just to get nice photos at family events. Whatever the reason, you need some camera gear which is why you’re here.

This guide will help you, as Vanessa Joy shares her top recommendations for camera, lens, and other inexpensive beginner  gear.

Low Budget, Good Quality Camera Gear Recommendations


Beginner Camera Gear Recommendation #1: Camera

An amazing beginner camera is the Canon M50 Mark II. This camera works really well professionally, but also beginner friendly and surprisingly affordable!

The body of this camera is under $600 (USD) and is a great first camera to try. It’s easy to learn on and won’t break the bank if you’re just starting out or just want a hobby camera.

Canon eos m50 mark II great beginner camera body

Beginner Camera Gear Recommendation #2: Prime Lens

If you want to take a lot of indoor photos, like of your newborn or family portraits, you’ll want this Canon E-FM 22mm F/2 Lens

On a full-frame camera this lens acts more like a 35mm lens. 

It’s under $200 and works well for a variety of situations. If you want a lens that will do well in most photography situations, this is a great starter lens. 

You can take photos of people, portraits, family shots, some landscapes, street photos, etc.

It has limitations, but for the price it’s great for beginners.

Canon ef-m 22mm f/2 great beginner prime lens

Beginner Camera Gear Recommendation #3: Zoom Lens

If you find that the photos you want to take are more outdoorsy like sports, or kids running around the playground you are going to want a zoom lens instead. 

The Canon EF-M 55-200mm F/4.5-6.3 will help you get closer to your subject and get a better depth of field. It’s a little heavier than the prime lens. This camera’s ability to handle outside light is amazing because of the variable aperture.

It’s slightly more expensive than the prime lens but gives you even more versatility in the variable focal length and aperture.

Cnon ef-m 55-200mm rest inexpensive zoom lens

Beginner Camera Gear Recommendation #4: On-Camera Flash

Looking to ensure the camera and lens can take great photos no matter the lighting situation? Check out an on-camera flash. 

The Canon EL100 is less than $200, and it pops right on the camera. It’s adjustable for different lighting angles and quite powerful for lighting.

Check out these creative ways to use on-camera flash if you want to know more!

Canon speed light el-100 great inexpensive flash

Beginner Camera Gear Recommendation #5: Another Lens if you Have More Budget to Work With

If you have about an extra $500 you want to spend on gear, check out the Canon EFM 32mm F/1.4. 

It is a beautiful portrait lens for getting nice bokeh or blurry backgrounds and nice focus on your subject. 

It’s a powerful lens with a lot of great features and would be a step up or next step if you want to take your photography to the next level from the starter 22mm.

Check out the lens in action below:

Canon ef-m 32mm lens great next step for beginners

The whole camera kit you need for about $1k.

The camera with the prime lens and flash comes in at a little under $1,000, but with the zoom lens instead it’s a little over. 

So you can get a nice starter or amature photography kit for an affordable price point. 


Which of these inexpensive beginner gear tips will you use for your next purchase?

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