Video review of the best lens for portrait photography by Sony

The BEST portrait photography lens by Sony

The BEST portrait photography lens by Sony

Comparison of Two Sony lenses for use in portrait photography 

Battle of the Sony lenses! Which is the best portrait photography lens?

In this behind the scenes portrait shoot, Manny Ortiz shares his review of two Sony lenses and which he thinks is the best for portrait photos. 


Which is the best portrait photography lens by Sony?

Battle of the portrait lenses! These two different prime lenses are good for shooting amazing portraits – but which one is the best?

The Sony 85mm f1.4 Lens – perfect standard portrait lens

The Sony 85mm f1.4 lens is a great standard lens for portrait photos. This lens is lightweight, small and compact so it’s super easy to pack in the gear bag and travel with.

It doesn’t require a lot of space to take great portraits, so small spaces and rooms aren’t a feat. 

It also has great features like interchangeable auto to manual aperture adjustment ring, and an autofocus hold button which will freeze the focus setting when held.

It’s shallow depth of field allows for flattering isolation of the subject which makes it the perfect lens for portrait photography.

A standard in many gear bags of portrait photographers, this 85mm lens by Sony is hard to fault!

In the words of Manny Ortiz, this lens just makes sense for portraits, and it’s also great for city street photography!

Best portrait camera lens by sony


But is The Sony 135mm f1.8 better?

The Sony 135mm f1.8 lens is more of a nice to have, luxury lens than it’s 85mm f1.4 counterpart. 

But it really delivers where it counts!

This lens, compared to the 85mm, is larger so it requires more space in your gear bag. It is quite a bit heavier and larger to carry around with you, which can be a downside.

As a prime lens it captures great low-light and pushes the focus distance to frame the subject nicely. The autofocus is sharp and accurate as well.

The blurred background you get with this lens gives you beautiful bokeh for portraits which is hard to rival.

While the Sony 135mm is more expensive than the 85mm, Samyang and Sigma both have one of the 135mm for a little bit cheaper. But there is just something about the Sony quality that might make this lens worth paying the extra cost!


Best lens for Portrait photos by Sony 

As the 85mm is more a portrait standard, it may be an unpopular opinion that this lens is a better portrait lens.

It gives a unique and creative take for portrait photos that the 85mm can’t achieve

If you can use the 135mm f1.8, DO IT. This lens wins the battle for best portrait lens by Sony, hands down. If you can’t use it, the 85mm will still be able to get the job done!

But the 135mm just has a unique view that takes portrait photos to the next level!

The BEST portrait photography lens by Sony Is 135mm


The Sony 135mm f1.8 lens is incredible for portrait photos, but the 85mm 1.4 is a good lens too.

You won’t be left in a lurch using the 85mm Sony lens, as it’s a great average lens to use for portraits. This lens will do everything you need to take good portrait photos. 

Check out this guide if you want to improve your photography skills!

Which lens by Sony would you use for portrait photos?

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