The Photography Business Tips You Need

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

Grow your business with these photography business tips

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The Photography Business Tips You Need

Tips to Grow your Business and Book More Clients

Running a small business is a hustle! And you especially need some good photography business tips if you have a small photography biz.

Because it can sometimes be hard to know how to maximize the time, money and gear resources that you have.

Joy Michelle in this video tutorial shares her top tips, including things that worked for her business and things she would not recommend doing, from her own experience.

Things that Work Well and Things to Avoid in Your Photography Business

Sometimes you need advice from someone who has been there before you. And that’s what these tips are! 

Joy has many years of experience starting and running a small business.

These tips and things to avoid should help you learn from someone who has made mistakes and experienced success already.


Photography business tips, styled shoots are worth the effort for your portfolio

Photography Business Tips – What Works #1: Styled Shoots

When you need to build your portfolio and don’t have a large budget, styled shoots are worth the time and effort. These types of shoots can be styled for whatever type of photography you want to be known for or offer to clients. 

For example, if you are mainly a wedding photographer or portrait photographer, you can have these shoots styled as a wedding or for portraits. 

This way you can really showcase what you can do, your skills and your style through your portfolio.


Consistently create content for your photography business

Photography Business Tips – What Works #2: Consistently Creating Content

It is helpful if you have a content-creating mindset. In this day and age, the best tools for business are different forms of content.

You should diversify the content you are releasing and be consistent with it from week to week. Create content from reels to blogs to newsletters and more. 

As a creative person, it might be hard to get into this mindset, but it will boost your business if you create lots of content!


Get a mentor or coach for your photography business

Photography Business Tips – What Works #3: Mentorship and Coaching

If you can afford it, hiring a business coach can be incredibly well worth the investment. 

You should also look at people you know or are in your community who have the business but also the lifestyle you are aiming for, and ask them if they will mentor you. 

Workshops are similar to this and can help you learn and network which will help you book jobs.

Finding people who are further along the journey than you and who also have the business knowledge you need will help you avoid mistakes and grow faster!


Get featured and published to help your business grow

Photography Business Tips – What Works #4: Getting Featured or Published

This tip is helpful if you are able to get featured and published where your ideal client is.

If they aren’t reading the blog or magazine you are featured in, it won’t help you get your name and brand out there.

Say you are a wedding photographer; you want to be featured on or in wedding magazines, blogs and those spaces where your potential clients are reading.

But if you can get featured on blogs, magazines, or even podcasts where the clients you want to book are looking and listening, it will help your brand to grow and you to book more clients.


Diversify your income streams so you have money coming in from many areas

Photography Business Tips – What Works #5: Start Many Income Streams

Look at ways of getting income that are more than just photography. 

Things like affiliate marketing (linking to products where you get a commission), adding video as a service, posting photos to sell as stock images and getting some money from those photos every month, and more.

There are many ways you can make money with your photography, some of which are working in the background which can help in slower seasons when you aren’t booking as many clients.


Avoid paying for ads that won’t return much investment

Photography Business Tips – Things You Should Avoid!

Paid magazine ads – not worth the money! Very expensive and not what ideal clients are looking for in these magazines. Not much return on the investment that is put in.

Paying for ads on the Blog Sidebar – even if it looks like the right place and client, people aren’t looking so much at the ads and it would be more ideal to be the featured content on the blog.

Boosting FaceBook posts – doesn’t seem to give results for the money and time spent. There are many free places to market your brand like your blog and social media!


Learn from business pros who have a little more experience than you to know what to try and what to avoid.

Your business will thank you for applying tips like these. You can learn from others and not waste money on avenues that don’t get you any client leads. 


Which of these business tips for photography will you apply to your business THIS WEEK?

Comment below!

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