Tips for Taking the BEST Travel Photography!

Tips for Taking the BEST Travel Photography!

Easy to apply tips for planning locations & how to get the BEST photos while traveling

You are probably planning your next epic trip now that the world has reopened for business. There are so many incredible locations, so how do you make sure you maximize your travel photography?

As you plan your travel adventures, make sure you are following these tips to take the most amazing travel photography!


BEST Travel Photo Tip #1: Keep all of your research and ideas in one place

The best way to plan your travel shoots is to write down the details and your ideas. Choose your favorite note taking device and compile your notes and research as you plan out where you are going. Get organized!

Note locations, packing lists, and travel information

Write down in one easy to find document where you are traveling to, specific locations or addresses, how many days you will be in each location, and projects you want to focus on while you are there. It’s also helpful to keep a packing list including gear while planning the shoots as weather and conditions may be different as you travel. 

Epic Travel Photography tip #2: Compile a reference board with images of the locations and feel of the photos you want to take 

The first step in planning out the vision for your travel photography is to create a mood board for inspiration of what you want to shoot while you are out on location. It’s best to have a specific vision if you are planning specific shots in your destinations. 

Get inspiration from other photographers who have shot there. You can also get inspiration from images on social media and other online sources. 

Have a vision for your photos ahead of time

For example if you are traveling to Europe and stopping by Ireland, put together a vision board with the inspiration for your shoot in similar locations. Use an online grid or create a physical board with helpful inspiring visuals.

vision board for photos

Tip #3: Research your locations for planning the BEST travel photos

Make sure you do a lot of research ahead of time. Details like sunset and sunrise times, weather for the time of year you are going, and the best places to shoot are crucial to great travel photography planning. 

Use Location Scout or Instagram for researching great photo locations

It is easy to search online for the best places to take photos in your chosen travel destination. You can see what other photos from those spots look like to help you plan your own shoot. 

You might also have photographer friends or even locals who you can reach out to for some location tips. 

Keep in mind details like transport, parking, public places (will there be people in frame), etc. when you are researching as that will come in handy when you are on location and ready to shoot

Follow these easy to apply tips as you plan to get the best travel photos!

If you weren’t ready for some travel before, you probably are now!

After reading these tips you are now well equipped to go plan the best photography while you travel. Follow these tips to make sure you get the most from the time you are spending adventuring the world! 

Where are you traveling to on your next shoot, and which of these tips can you apply NOW?

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