Transform Your Product Photography With Props

Nap Worthy To Drool Worthy: Transform Your Product Photography With Props

How using simple props can bring magic to your product photos, by Chris Pieta

Props can take your boring product photos and transform them into photos that tell a story. In this video Chris Pieta covers 3 types of props he uses for product photography at home. Whether you’re doing commercial photography or beginner product photography, you’ll learn something here about how to improve your product photography & take better photos at home & in the studio.

Why Use Props?

  1. Add meaning to your scene – Provide a deeper meaning to the product by showing the props that showcase ingredients, results or the lifestyle you want to associate.
  2. Add balance to your scene – Visually your products will feel out of place if on their own. By adding props you can balance out the composition and make it feel more realistic.
  3. Add interest to your scene – Products by themselves often lack the interest to hold your eye for long. By adding props you can add a deeper depth and richness to the image that draws the viewer in, creating a more effective photo.

Three Ways To Use Props

  1. Ingredients that the product is associated with
  2. Results, story & lifestyle that your client wants to associate your product with
  3. Visual props – Interesting shapes, textures & fillers that add visual interest to the shot

Where to find props?

While obviously you can find props from anywhere, here are a few go-to locations for finding photography props:

  • Grocery store
  • Crate & Barrel
  • Thrift Stores
  • Home Goods
  • Your own home!

Hopefully you can now see the power that props have to bring your photos to life.

Leave a comment below with your favorite or go-to photo prop!