Travel Photography Lightroom Editing Tutorial

Travel Photography Lightroom Tutorial

How to edit epic travel photos in Lightroom, WITHOUT using presets!

If you’re wondering how to edit instagram photos in Lightroom, we’ll break down exactly how to edit those travel blogger shots – without needing any lightroom presets. Although lightroom presets can save you a LOT of time in your editing workflow in lightroom, sometimes editing raw photos is actually more effective if you edit without presets.

Why? Because presets optimized for skin tones tend to desaturate oranges, yellows and greens.

In most lighting situations this works great. However when editing a landscape photo in lightroom or editing travel photos taken with the sunset, editing sunsets in lightroom with presets tends to make them look pretty blah and unsaturated. For the best sunset edits inside lightroom, editing raw travel photos and landscape photos is best done without any presets. If you enjoyed this travel photography editing tutorial for Lightroom, make sure to subscribe and watch our other lightroom tutorials, tips and quick tricks!