CRUSH Instagram Reels In 2022: Henbu’s formula for viral reels on instagram

A Viral Recipe? – Check out Henbu’s formula for viral reels on instagram

The simple strategy that gained 10k followers organically in just a few months

There is no question about it: Reels is still the most dominant and fastest growth path on Instagram right now.

People are interested in short form, entertaining & engaging content. The key is figuring out how to create content that engages your audience without compromising who you are and what your brand represents.

Figuring out how to integrate your brand into this format can be a challenge, but once you figure out how it fits with what you do, you might be surprised at how you start to enjoy what you’re doing.

Unlock the power of reels to massively grow your instagram in 2022 with this fresh tutorial by Henbu


How Instagram is promoting Reels: And NOTHING else.

As of this writing, Instagram has made a big shift away from it’s original photo roots.

These days, if you share a photo, the only people who will see it will be your followers. Even then, it probably won’t be shown to ALL your followers.

Photos no longer get shared in the discover feed.

Reels, on the other hand, are a different story.

You have to remember: Instagram has one goal on their platform: Keep their users on there as long as possible. The longer a user spends on the platform, the more addictive it becomes, AND the more ads they can be shown (ie, the more money IG is making off of you)

While this may be frustrating to us as artists, it’s the reality of the game. Video is where it’s at. Even better, videos that people want / have to rewatch.

Remember: The more watch time on your reel, the more people instagram is going to show it to.

THAT is the recipe: Give instagram the kind of content they’re looking for, and they’ll reward you for it.

Do you ALWAYS have to be catering to the algorithm? Of course not.
While if growth is your number 1 goal, being aware of what IG is looking for will help you along the way

BUT that doesn’t mean you always have to chase the algorithm at all costs. Sometimes, it’s still okay to let loose and share things simply because you love them.

What do you think? Is it still possible to grow on IG in 2022 without reels? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!