Wedding Photography Editing Tutorial

Wedding Photography Editing Tutorial

How to edit an entire wedding in Lightroom from start to finish in just over 4 hours

When I first started paid photoshoots, it used to take me FOREVER to edit.

I’d spend 4 or 5 hours editing a 60 photo shoot….
Editing a full wedding would take me an entire week!

I had no idea how editing workflows worked.

I had no clue how to manage my catalogues…
No system for backups…
& absolutely no system for getting my editing done quickly and efficiently.

Everything took 10X longer than it needed to, and I struggled to get consistent results

Since then I’ve learned a LOT.

Today I took a wedding with 2200+ Raw Files and culled + edited it from start to finish in just over 4 hours.

Want to see how I did it?

Click here to watch every single step of my editing workflow from start to finish

In this Lightroom Wedding Photography workflow you’ll learn my entire wedding photo editing workflow from start to finish – Culling, Editing 671 images in a little over 4hrs.

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