what happened to my lightroom presets? xmp lrpreset change lighroom update 7.3 location of new presets breakdown

What Happened To My Presets?! Lightroom CC Update 2018 preset .xmp change

Lightroom CC Update 2018 preset .lrpreset to .xmp change

How Lightroom’s Latest Update Affects Presets And Why Your .lrpresets have all been changed to .xmp

Those of you recently updating lightroom in creative cloud may have noticed your presets are no longer in the same order… That’s because with Lightroom’s latest update, they made a major switch in file format and introduced some killer new features!

What changed about Presets with Lightroom Classic 7.3 and Lightroom CC 1.3?

The new update to Lightroom CC 1.3 and Lightroom Classic 7.3 came out at the beginning of April 2018. In it Lightroom made a big change in the file format of their presets.

For years Lightroom presets have had the file extension .lrpreset at the end of them. Those of you who have installed the Signature Edits Lightroom Presets (Or any other Lightroom Preset Pack) will know that Lightroom has a special folder on your computer for all of its presets. Well with Lightroom Classic 7.3 and Lightroom CC 1.3 updates, that special folder is no longer special.

Instead, Adobe decided to update all lrpreset files to xmp, so that they would work not ONLY in Lightroom, but in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw as well! This is great news for those of us who use Lightroom CC as well as photoshop and camera raw, as now our Lightroom Presets with xmp files work across all 3 platforms.

As of Lightroom CC 1.3 and Lightroom Classic 7.3, Lightroom Develop Presets all have the .xmp file extension, and their location has been moved out of the Lightroom Folder and into Adobe’s camera raw folder, under “settings” – To see a demonstration watch the video below.

No more Lighroom .lrpreset files – Say Hello to .xmp

So from now on, Presets in Lightroom Classic 7.3 or later will work in Photoshop and Camera Raw. Installing Signature Edits Lightroom Presets for Lightroom Classic now means they’re installed for Photoshop as well.

Bravo. If you have (or had) .lrpreset presets installed on your computer before updating, don’t worry. All your presets will be automatically converted to .xmp and relocated when you update. The .lrtemplate presets are left in place for older versions of Lightroom.

As with all Adobe Updates, there are always bugs and glitches. Installing presets might look different in the coming months, but for now you can follow our current preset installation guides.

What do you think of the new update? Let us know in the comments below!