Why Marketing Tutorials NEVER Work – Do this instead

Why Marketing Tutorials NEVER Work

Guru marketing tactics are doomed to fail – Here’s what to do instead.

Have a business you’re trying to grow, but no matter what you try, none of the techniques and marketing videos and course you implement are getting you the results they promise?

It’s not your fault.

Tactics are broken.

No matter how PERFECTLY you copy the steps of the marketing guru you’re following, you will NEVER get exactly the same results as them!

In this video we’ll take a look at how to ACTUALLY get results by doing something different with tactics than you’ve been taught in the past.

It’s called the principal of extraction – And is going to radically change the way you apply what you learn in your business & in every other area of your life.

Look for principals – not tactics.

Every tactic contains a principal. And principals are universal & can be applied to your unique situation.

What is the biggest principal you can take from your latest (failed) marketing efforts? Leave it in the comments below!

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