Take GORGEOUS Product Photos Using JUST YOUR PHONE

Take GORGEOUS Product Photos Using JUST YOUR PHONE

How to take product photos without a professional camera

In this incredibly simple photography tutorial, Aileen Choi shares how to take gorgeous product shots using a phone and some simple yet genius creative lighting techniques.

You’re not going to want to miss this one!


6 Steps To Gorgeous Product Photography With Your Phone:

Step 1 – Lighting.

The most important part of ANY photo is the LIGHT.

Top tip = Use natural light whenever possible. It’s FREE, and the quality of light coming in from a nice big window is going to be miles better than a cheap light off of amazon (or even more expensive studio lights

SHADOWS ARE YOUR FRIEND. They add interest and variety to the scene. Place objects in front of your window to add interesting shadows to your photos

Step 2 – Props

Dollar stores & craft stores are your best friends!  They’re full of cheap & nifty items to add additional visual elements to your scene

Step 3 – Backdrop

The easiest way is simply to buy poster board from the dollar store or craft store. Simply tape using painters tape to the wall and onto a tabletop for an easy seamless background

Step 4 – Camera

The LEAST important part of the process. While you need some kind of camera in order to take your photos, it doesn’t have to be the latest greatest! Simply nailing the lighting and the props will make your photos look amazing regardless of the camera.

PRO TIP – Use an app on your phone that gives you more control over the settings of your camera. It will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Step 5 – Angles

Take a variety of angles for visual interest. Product in front, product top-down, etc

Try to keep your product in the foreground / make it the most visually large element in the photo so your viewer knows what the focus of the scene is.

Step 6 – Play with the light

Adjust the way the product is placed or location of your scene to take advantage of different types of light to add instant & easy variety to your photos